The Best Gift Wrap Organizer on the Planet

Introducing Adam Levine the inventor of Wrap iT!

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Stephanie & Melissa from Girliemom had the pleasure to meet Adam Levine of Wrap It

How Girliemom was introduced to Wrap iT Designer Adam Levine

We were tweeting one day and happened to come across a tweet that Adam Levine sent out that caught our eye.  It was about his Wrap iT Gift Wrap Organizer.  The minute we checked it out on his site,  we just knew it would be a great product for Girliemom to blog about.  We contacted Adam through twitter and the rest is history.  What a great invention and what a nice guy!

Why it works..

Wrap iT organizes, stores and protects all your gift wrapping supplies.  It holds everything that you can possibly think of.  We fit so much inside of it!  It holds wrapping paper rolls, gift boxes, tissue paper, scissors, tape, cards, bows and ribbon and everything slips right into place.  You will find all of your wrapping products all in one spot. The Wrap iT truly organizes and protects all your supplies.

Product Features

The Wrap iT is super tuff to protect all your delicates.  Made of high grade elastics the Wrap iT is also water repellent with clear pvc pockets and heavy duty zippers.  You will save so much time looking for your supplies.  We love how the pockets are clear and you can see everything you are looking for.

Where to keep it

The Wrap iT was designed to hang in your closet or fit under your bed.  Basically you can put it where ever you would like!  The Wrap iT saves you space.  Your gift wrapping supplies stay safe and clean making it the best gift wrap storage organizer on the planet.

The Wrap iT Organizer has so many uses

Not only does the Wrap iT store all your wrapping supplies but you can honestly find many uses for it.  We put all of our daughters dance items in it.  Everything from hair bows, hair accessories, dance shoes,  dance outfits, and tights!  We hung it up in her closet where she can find everything that she is looking for. You can also put all your arts and craft supplies in it.  The clear pockets make it so easy.

wrap it melissa and stephanie 300x225 The Best Gift Wrap Organizer on the Planet

Wrap It Gift Organizer all filled up! (over 70 bags in there!)
We love how much it holds.

Do we recommend?

Yes we do!!  The Wrap iT stores and protects all your gift wrapping supplies.  It is so easy to store and will make your life so much easier.  All your gift wrapping supplies are all in one spot.  We absolutely love this product.  Wrap iT saves you space, time and money!

Check out this video for so many more uses for Wrap iT here.

Wrap iT makes a great gift,  housewarming gift and bridal shower gift.

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Where to buy:  You can buy products direct from Wrap iT: Wrap iT Deluxe sells for $59.97  Special thanks to Adam for bringing us this product to sample.

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*Disclosure:  Wrap iT gave us this product to sample and we graciously accepted!  Highly reliable and effective college essay help site at your service. This post reflects our honest opinion of the product.  You can read more about our disclosure policy,  if you are interested. 




  1. wow, what an awesome project and would totally work in our tiny apt. Thanks for sharing. happy saturday sharefest

    • Stephanie Mazzoni says:

      Hi Karen….This organizer hangs up in you closet and fits under the bed. You will love it!

  2. Looks like a pretty cool storage option…I am always looking for ways to make my life easier! Visiting from SITS Sharefest today.

  3. Oh my goodness, that organizer looks amazing! Stopping by from SITS Sharefest!

    • Stephanie Mazzoni says:

      Hi Julie…The organizer is amazing. You will just love it! Love the clear pockets. Makes it so easy to find everything. Thank you for stopping by from Sits Share Fest. Come back and visit us soon.


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