WordPress: Modify your User Name for Increased Security

Do you currently log into your WordPress website or blog as “admin”?

Unless you specify otherwise, the default WordPress Administrator account username will be: admin.

This very simple fix will enable you to modify your WordPress User Name from ‘admin’ to something more unique, without touching any code, leaving you far less vulnerable to hackers!

user screenshot 300x198 WordPress: Modify your User Name for Increased Security 1. Create a new User and give that user “administrative rights” (see screenshot)

2. Be selective when choosing a new User Name. Obviously, don’t use the word admin or a word that has admin in it (duh!) and don’t use your site name either.  Avoid using your first or last name because hackers will use try that too since it’s obvious

3. Log in with your new credentials to test it out

4. Once you are certain the new admin user works fine you will then delete the old “admin” user account

5. Don’t be nervous. When you select “delete” it will ask you if you want to assign all your posts (content) to the new admin. Be sure to modify the radio button!

6. Go into your new administrator profile and update any relevant information (short bio, email address, etc.)

You are done and congratulations for implementing some security to your blog!  Don’t you feel better?



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