Why you need a mudroom

My favorite room in my house is my mudroom.  Why? Just look at how fabulous it is!  Read on to learn why you absolutely need a mudroom.

mudroom4 225x300 Why you need a mudroom

My Glorious Mudroom! You know you want one!

I’m crazy in love with how organized it keeps my family.  For starters, it certainly helps to have a handy husband. Without him, this likely would not have been possible. I am proud to say he built this from scratch!  My quest to keep my family organized has helped us in so many ways.

Here are 10 reasons why a mudroom works:

#1 – Shoes
Say good-bye to shoes tossed all over the house. This allows for a nice tidy place to keep shoes organized. Yes, it took the effort to get the kids to put them there.

#2 – Storage
I use the storage to store seasonal items like boots and snow gear. Endless possibilities!

#3 – Baskets
Generally the kids will put miscellaneous items in there. House Rule: you can only touch your own basket!

#4 – Hooks, Hooks and more Hooks
Did you notice how many hooks I have?  Two in each cubby and more outside the cubbies. There are always endless things to hang . I use it to hang their DS game cases and other items.

mudroom2 300x229 Why you need a mudroom

A room filled with wipeboards, corkboards and shelves is a simple ticket to heaven 🙂

#5 – Wipeboard
With these bad boys, I can plan 4 months ahead. We know where we need to be on any given day. Granted, it’s up to mom to keep all the dates posted!

#6 – Corkboard
To hang class phone lists, sports schedules and whatever else.  You can get this at any Staples or Office Max.

#7 – Shelves
If you have space to fit a shelf, go for it. I had my hubby hang one special for their lunch boxes.

#8 – Key rack
Great for storing spare keys and I also use mine for hanging my small clutch bags.

#9 – Bench
A no-brainer. Use it to sit down and put on your shoes. Pier One has some nice ones!

mudroom3 222x300 Why you need a mudroom#10 – Bins for school
Do your kids come home with endless amounts of paper?  Do you have a place to put it all?   I got these black numbers in Pottery Barn (with the Key Rack – see #8)

It is entirely possible, you do not have a handy spouse or someone who can help you with this project.  However, there are so many places that sell cubby units and they range in colors and sizes to fit your needs.  You will need to shop around!

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated mud room there are still so many ideas for how and where you can create a similar look and feel.  I will discuss this in future blog posts, so come back for more!

With organization comes peace of mind.    So tell me, what do you think?  Did this article help give you any ideas?

Happy Organizing!



  1. You look very organized, great post! New follower from blogaholic, stop by my blog when you get the chance 🙂

  2. I LOVE your mudroom. I was actually thinking about it he other day when I looked around my house and saw shoes, school bags, party bags, hats, etc. I tried to emulate the look but the only thing that stuck was bins for shoes. I need to reconfigure this situation. keep the blogs coming. LOVE the lunch box shelf and 4 month in advanced calendar. 🙂


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