The White Walls of Blogging

image white walls 300x188 The White Walls of Blogging

I have learned it’s OK to sometimes have nothing to say or choosing to sit quietly. It’s better than saying something you will regret.

The year was 2001 and I remember the day I moved into my new home and stared at all the white walls and I wondered what the hell I was going to do with it all.  So many colors to choose, what if I screw up and the house comes out like a circus! My husband reassured me and said it was only paint. OK, so that made me feel better.

As I proceeded on my journey to make this home something beautiful I decided I wanted earthy tones, but not beige, because everyone knows beige is boring.

Blogging sometimes reminds me of Painting…if you choose something boring nobody will want to stay at your house.  As I walked out of the Benjamin Moore store I recall feeling quite proud of my purchase of Peanut Shell Paint. I was excited.

As we put up our first coat of paint I remember what my husband said, “Hun, do you have some jelly to go with this peanut butter?”   I wanted to kill him but I burst out laughing instead.  My walls really did look like a Peanut Butter sandwich but we loved it and we still love it to this day.  In fact, even my friends use this paint in their own homes.

You see, I had a vision.  The vision was that once the carpet, furniture and paintings were all in tact the walls would exude a sense of comfort not one of hunger pangs.  In the blogging world, you need to do the same thing. You need to be inviting, sound inviting and if you can keep on doing that …. your visitors may hang around for a while. They may actually turn into subscribers.   It is not necessarily the case that if you write one new blog every single day, the readers will arrive magically.  Instead, I encourage you to bring warmth to those few you choose to write.

When it comes to blogging,  you may often feel like you are starring at that same blank white wall. Let me tell you this…When I first got started with blogging I knew I had so much to say that I did not think there would ever come a time that I might actually run out !  Well, this is a half truth.   The other side is that what I really want to say, I can’t.   I can’t because it might: (a) get me fired or (b) embarrass my family or (c) get me in all kinds of trouble with a whole lot of people.   While transparency IS important I would rather be selective in what I say, then saying everything.   I have learned this the hard way.

Whether or not you agree with this just remember one thing:  Sometimes, silence is golden.

*Silence is golden is a proverbial saying, often used in circumstances where it is thought that saying nothing is preferable to speaking



  1. I find that often when there is something I feel like I can’t write about, that is the only thing I can think of TO write about. It is a crazy, viscous circle.

    I do love me some peanut butter.

    • lol Tracie ! it was my best girlfriend who suggested that I write about my writers block. I thought it was a great idea. and actually fueled my inspiration to keep on going ! (thank the lord!)

  2. It is definitely hard to find a way to keep those in our lives out of our blogging or at least not portray them in a way that might hurt them or offend them. I am always baffled by how much people will share about their life, or really about their kids. Like there are plenty of times I think I could go into more detail, but I stop myself because it’s not my story to tell. If I really want to get it out there though I’ll ask my kid’s to guest blog for me. Well, my older kids at least.

    • Now that is an interesting idea Monica ! I have wanted to so badly write about things happening in my life whether its work related or personal but I certainly don’t want to cause any embarrasment for my family and well work matters just sort of need to stay there unless I can figure a way to generalize on the topic. Thanks for stopping over to Girliemom. I think i can learn lots from you!

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