The Water Park

I suppose if you have kids that actually like to go on rides, the water park would be more enjoyable.

How much time can you really spend in the wave pool? Actually, I’m not a big fan of water parks and like many parents, we do it for the kids.  The wave pool, the one ride my kids like, is the one I dread.  I don’t care for being bumped up against a bunch of strangers in a pool of water and I know the water is so cold to spare us from all the germs lurking about. Gross.

After their fascination with the wave pool dwindled, we went off to find some action. We found a tube ride we thought the girls would enjoy.  This particular tube ride was “open” (not enclosed or dark) so it seemed not too scary and a ride we all could enjoy.  We spent about 1 hour on line when about 1/2 way into the wait my youngest daughter chickened out.  So off I went to the bottom to watch my other two girls enjoy the ride. About 30 minutes later, I see them come down the line and they are both hysterical crying. They chickened out too! (there goes the damn Domino Effect!)

Boy was I pissed, but I did not tell them that !  All I could think of was what a waste of time and money. After sitting in silence for about 20 minutes debating what to do next we found ourselves back at the wave pool… we go again!  Oh Joy!  However, this second round in the wave pool was more fun than the first because I realized that what made my GIRLS happy was this darn wave pool! Once I got over my own darn self, and despite all the germs lurking about, we managed to have fun.  Everyone went home smiling so I guess overall the day was a success.

Here’s to making memories with my girls !

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