The Mystery of the Lost Socks

matching socks 150x150 The Mystery of the Lost SocksIt is to the delight of mothers across the world the feeling we share when we have completed our laundry and all socks remain joyfully with their companion.  We also share the painful woes of how it feels to be left with a basket of socks that are missing their soulmate.  SIGH.

OK, so I might be getting a bit dramatic here but after all I am trying to find a way to make the topic of socks sound interesting!

In my house, this problem is getting seriously ridiculous.  Other people seem to have the same issue, after all the company LittleMismatched has an entire store whose concept stems from this dilemma!

socks1 150x150 The Mystery of the Lost SocksI can understand how the white socks lose their mate.  They all look horribly similar. Though,  I have a difficult time comprehending where the match to these socks disappear to?   How can you lose one of these outlandish numbers?


mysterysocks 150x150 The Mystery of the Lost SocksEven better, the number of mystery socks seem on the rise.   I have never seen these socks before in my life yet somehow, there they sit, in my basket of unmatched socks. I do not think they belong to anyone in my family.

PS.  if one of these socks belong to you, shoot me a note and I will gladly return it to it’s rightful owner.


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