The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect can only happen if you have more than one child. The Domino Effect is a term I coined a few years ago so please don’t go checking medical journals or anything. It came to my mind today because a good friend of mind experienced this phenomenon today.

The Domino Effect is what happens when one child does something and the others follow suit. I’ve seen The Domino Effect at varying intervals.

Case in point: The Domino Effect may take hold if you ask your kids to do something and one let’s out a great big moan. The other two are sure to follow with equal moans and groans. Next thing you know you have all your kids moaning and groaning.  Of course, as a parent, you want to look at child #1 and say “thanks a lot” but instead you have to now get all the whole darn house to calm down.

The Domino Effect can be dreadful in a public situation. The evil eye, my personal favorite, is usually enough to stop the situation from escalating.  Although, in severe meltdown situations this just might not be enough.

I have one kid that gets upset to the point of vomiting.  Is there anything worse than this? If the situation is severe there is only one cure. A hug.

A hug is priceless. I have yet to ask “would you like a hug” and get rejected. So try it, you may be surprised.

PS. I thought about blowing a whistle but I think the hug is much better (lol) 



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