Advanced Preparation of Snacks

One of the biggest challenges I face day in and day out is getting out the door in the morning at the time I’m supposed to.  The days that seem to run smooth are always the days when I am most organized.  For the elementary school children we are asked to pack a lunch (if […]

Where do I buy a Bubble?

I’m waiting for the gang over at “Cool Mom Picks” to tell me where I can go buy a bubble to put my kid in. You see one of my children had her first taste of freedom and I am guessing she liked it because of her most recent request which caught me off guard.  […]

The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect can only happen if you have more than one child. The Domino Effect is a term I coined a few years ago so please don’t go checking medical journals or anything. It came to my mind today because a good friend of mind experienced this phenomenon today. The Domino Effect is what happens when […]

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