My Life is Interfering with my Blog

My life is interfering with my blog. Or possibly, I have this backwards? Yes, Girliemom is still alive. I think. Barely. Coasting thru life at the moment at a furiously fast pace. No clue where the days are going. New job. New boss to impress. High stress. Working long days and nights. Hubby doing the […]

Part 2: Simple ways to get organized

Simple ways to Get Organized Part 1 had focus on how to get your electronics and gadgets in order.  Part 2 has focus on family, self and helping others. 1. Plan out your days off and family vacations OK, truth must be told here – I seem to screw this up each and every year. […]

Missing you something awful…

Updated June 10, 2012 – on the four year anniversary of my Grandpa’ passing – there is no reason to post anything new – instead I will bring back an archived post in remembrance of the kindest soul on the planet.  I miss you something awful Grandpa!   Grandpa Bernie had MDS. If you would like […]

Work and Family – My Story

When it comes to finding balance between work and family, we all have a story to tell. Maybe you chose to be a Stay-at-Home Mom, maybe you work in an office, maybe you work from home, maybe you work part-time.  Everyone has a story to tell. Here is mine….. Finding the right balance between work […]

Alone Time with Kids

I can’t say enough about the importance of alone (“solo”) time with your kids. I had a great 3 mile bike ride with my 8 year old (middle child) today. We were able to chat while bike riding and it allowed me the opportunity to talk to her and only her, without interruption from the other […]

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