Surviving the first week of school

I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked thru my front door today and I was met by silence. No kids and no husband.  Silence. I was grateful to have 5 minutes to pee in such beautiful silence.   I ran upstairs, flipped off the high-heels and pencil skirt and wiggled into my comfy jeans.  I have 20 minutes before I have to be at open school night. The Grandparents have the kids.  I scarf down a bowl of Rice Krispies knowing full well it won’t fill me for diddly squat.  I look around the house and it looks like a tornado blew up in the family room. Really? It was fine when I left this morning for work. Whatever, it will have to wait.  

Amazingly, I believe I survived the first and second week of school. You can’t really count the first week of school since there was no homework and it wasn’t a full week.   With one child starting the middle school this year, I feel as though I’ve entered some other planet.  This planet is filled with lockers, earlier start times, and little communication with teachers.  My good friend warned me to steer clear of the bus stop or she’d give me a good whack in the head for embarrasing my daughter.   Oy vey! Really????  No more bus stop!  Listen, there is something to be said about watching your kid get on the bus.  I have resorted to watching out the window.   I had to tell my husband his vehicle was obstructing my view from the window and he looked at me like I was a damn fool.  I said, “Maybe I am but you still better move the damn truck.”   Well, he didn’t move the truck and now I have no choice but to stare out the UPSTAIRS bedroom window.   Listen, us moms do what we need to do.   Period end of story.

Some days, I truly feel like I must be getting filmed for Americas funniest Home Videos because my house felt like a freak show this week.   We had difficulty adjusting to new bed times and I learned this morning that doing conference calls and pony tails at the same time is a MAJOR NO-NO.   Regardless to all the bloops and blunders the week actually went OK.  My kids are healthy, beautiful and smiling.  I must be doing something right.

photo 300x224 Surviving the first week of school

The night before the 1st day of School. Post new haircuts of course!

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