Summer Fun is Here!

It’s only July 1 and summer fun is in full swing.  

graduation1 300x244 Summer Fun is Here!

Me and my baby - 5th Grade Moving up Ceremony

So much has happened in only a few short weeks.  It’s hard to believe that I have a daughter moving into Middle School this September. I almost can’t wrap my brain around this. Our girl won not one but TWO awards. One for Presidential Excellence and the other was the American Legion Award. An honor bestowed upon her by all the school faculty. WOW.  SO PROUD.

camp 300x233 Summer Fun is Here!Week 1 of day camp was a success. What a relief that all my girls like their camp counselors and my oldest daughter, who is 11, entered pre-teen status which means a field trip each week.   Ah, to be a kid again!   Now,  if only I can have the whole summer off!  However, I won’t complain as this is the first year in my 10 years with the same company that we are getting summer 1/2 day Fridays. Yippee!!! 

Today, was a great day as we celebrated a Divisional Championship for my Oldest Daughters U11 Soccer Team.   A truly well deserved win as theseteam 300x232 Summer Fun is Here! girls play like champs and give their heart and soul to each game. Their coaches display a love for the girls and the sport and they are truly dedicated to teaching our children.  We are so blessed to be part of such a great team.

pool1 300x235 Summer Fun is Here!Our pool is almost in!   Just in time for our
not- yet-announced Fourth of July Bar-B-Q party :) 

We found this gem at our local KMART.

As the water starts to fill the girls have already declared they will go night swimming tonight. LOL.   Little do they know I think the water may be a tad cold. BRRRR.  However, they are kids so I highly doubt they will care.    Now, for me I have to start thinking about some poolscape. Damn, sure wish I had a green thumb….

Happy Summer 2012!


pixel Summer Fun is Here!
 Summer Fun is Here!


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