Stressed at the thought of traveling

travel 150x150 Stressed at the thought of traveling

Looming in front of me lies a business trip that I must attend.  Now, you should know that I am not complaining.  I don’t have to travel very often so when I have to go I have to go. However, in the spirit of total honestly I have to tell you – I hate it.  I hate the thought of leaving my kids and getting on a plane without my family.  I hate the thought of sleeping in a hotel room and I dread (seriously dread) the thought of dealing with airports, security and the insanely long haul to the airport.

The fact that I am way too controlling doesn’t help matters. I mean seriously, the hubby can certainly handle the kids just fine.  I won’t even fathom the thought they might have fun and welcome the absence of my way-too-structured routine!  My hubby does not do things the way I do them. That does not make his way wrong. It’s just his way and that should be okay – if I weren’t such a control freak!  

So, I will no doubt annoy him profusely by laying out piles of clothes meant to ease the morning school rush hour. I will without a doubt pre-plan and pre-pack snack bags for school all nice and neat in their little brown bags. I will likely create a special calendar to post on the refrigerator so my hubby knows unequivocally where he needs to be each and every single day.   Is all this necessary? No, but I will do it anyhow simply because it makes me feel better.

When booking my trip I selected the worst (latest) flight imaginable. I would rather spend 2 hours with my kids and forgo sleep even if it means arriving at my destination at 1:00 AM which will be exactly my situation. This might not be the smartest of ideas given meetings start promptly at 8:30 AM the next day.  This is what they invented coffee for!   I’ll survive.  Oh, and I’m taking the first plane out 3 days later leaving my meeting earlier than I ought to be (only by one hour) because I want an opportunity to kiss my kids before they go to sleep on day 3.   I figure my colleagues will survive.

Do you travel for work? How do you deal with it? Would love to hear from you! 

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  1. I have to travel for work too. Not as often as I did before I had my son. It has decreased highly since I have had him. The first time I had to go on a business trip w/o him I was a little worried but his dad, my mom and aunt were watching him so I felt ok. I am a WAHM so I actually enjoy the business trips. Does it sound strange? It’s how I get some me time. I feel like I’m on vacation with no house chores, eating out and enjoying every meal. At times, I do feel a little lonely and of course I miss my little guy but I also take advantage of the time away.

  2. I used to travel all the time, not for work though. Since having the kids I have yet to travel without them. I dread the day I do, ’cause I know I am a control freak too.

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