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When you are first starting a business the likely scenario is that you are doing absolutely everything.  From creating your own business cards and letterhead to running to Staples because your printer ran out of ink, to meeting with clients and handling all the billing and administrative details. Oh, not to mention you have to do the job, whatever that may be!!!

You likely know you need to get your business on social media
but don’t have even 1 second to spare to do it.

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You know you should create a Facebook business page and start ‘tweeting’ but gosh.. (you think to yourself) what the heck is a hashtag anyhow!?

OK, This is where we come in.
Girliemom to the rescue.

We will not boast about how fabulous social media is and how you must have it (because we know you get annoyed every time you hear this). We won’t tell you that if you set up a Facebook page or start tweeting it will bring you 3 million customers knocking down your door (because then you will wonder how you will ever handle that sort of volume).

What we WILL do is get you started, ease you into the process and we will do so at YOUR pace, whatever that may be. We will get you trained and feeling confident about what you have and how to manage it. Or, we can manage it for you.  The choice is yours.

Did you hear us? We work at YOUR pace.  Why?   We know you have a lot on your plate and we know time is something you do not have.   We work at an hourly rate and we also have some packaged offerings.  Below are some of the service offerings we can provide to your business:

(1) Set up Social Media Accounts
Including (but not limited to): Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and much much more!  If you need it, we can set it up!

(2) Create a consistent look and feel across all social platforms
…because you really do need to have a consistent look and feel across all platforms!

(3) Ghost Tweeting
You want a twitter account but don’t have the time to tweet and really don’t want to learn it anyhow.. no problem – we can be your right hand man (woman) and do it for you 🙂

(4) Virtual Assistant
Tell us, what do you need? How can we help you?   So long as I don’t need to sit physically next to you we can likely handle anything you throw our way. Let’s talk!

(5) Social Media Administration
Need somebody to set up all the accounts and manage them on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis. Piece of cake – it’s what we do!

(6) Logo Design
Yeah, we don’t do it ourselves but we have lots of friends that are down right awesome at this sort of stuff.  We know people and that’s all that really matters, right?

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The roughly 1.3 million SMBs in North America  generate $5.5 trillion in annual revenue. According to a new study by LinkedIn, social media is increasingly becoming the vital  axis upon which this community turns.  They discovered that 81 percent use social media to drive growth, while nine percent intend to  use social media in the future. * (Source: