Albertini – Skin Care for Women over 40

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albertini2 Albertini   Skin Care for Women over 40

The Albertini products feel as good as they look. Meant for women over 40, Albertini products give your skin back the moisture it craves.

How Girliemom was introduced to Albertini International

Girliemom attended Shecky’s Girls Night Out in NYC on Saturday November 9, 2013. We had access to speak with national sponsors and vendors. One of our highlights was meeting Janice from Albertini where to buy viagra online International and she devotes her time to Albertini, a Skin Care line meant for women over 40.

Why a skin care line for women over 40?

Changing how you approach your skin care routine is necessary as you age. Your hormones change which can cause a number of viagra pills for sale problems including loss of collagen, elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention, the most common symptom to aging and menopause is dry skin.

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Girliemom recommends the following products

Girliemom has been using the Albertini product line for approximately two months and our skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated. You don’t need much of the product to feel this way either, which is nice, the product will last quite some time. Not only will you love the way it feels you will appreciate the fact it is affordable! generic viagra review Just don’t leave it where somebody else can take it. During the holidays my sister Monica was visiting from Florida and my Divine Skin Hydrating product found it’s way into her luggage 🙂 All kidding aside, we believe this is a product worthy of adding to your daily regimen and will compliment any products you are already using. Makes for a great gift as well ! Our Favorites: Rough Love Body Scrub and Divine Skin Hydrator Rough Love Body Scrub 8.5 fl. oz. $24.00 This body scrub is an exfoliating and detoxifying treatment to smooth and soften your skin. At Girliemom we love a great exfoliator. We recommend to use in the shower after cleansing. Use once a week and massage in a circular motion. NOT for facial use! Follow in the shower with Divine Skin Hydrator. Divine Skin Hydrator 9 fl. oz. $16.00: In shower body moisturizer that helps injectable viagra restore your natural moisture factor so you can moisturize before you leave the shower. Rehydrates and soothes rough

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dry skin. This is the last thing you do before getting out of the shower. Divine skin hydrator is gentle enough to use every day and is unscented. Remember to always “condition your skin like you condition your hair.”

Tint Plus Tinted Moisturizer Albertini   Skin Care for Women over 40

one of our favorites. This tinted moisturizer will give your skin a nice radiant glow.

Tint Plus Tinted Moisturizer 1.9 fl. oz. $20.00: Sheer tinted moisturizer in shades of light, medium, and dark with SPF 20. Warm Love Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask 5 fl. oz. $23.00: Pumpkin

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exfoliating mask watermelon natural viagra for face. Ageless Sun 7 fl. oz. $20.00: Sunless Tan self tanner for face and body. Where to buy: You can buy all Albertini products directly from

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Albertini International. Special thanks to Janice for sending us these products to sample. *Disclosures: After meeting Janice at Albertini, she sent us these products to sample and we graciously accepted! This post reflects our honest opinion of the product. You can read more about our disclosure policy, if you are interested. *Albertini is unscented, great for those of you with sensitive skin. However, always consult with your dermatologist first before you try something new.

albertini32 226x300 Albertini   Skin Care for Women over 40

Girliemom’s Melissa Potvin (right) with Janice and Valorie of Albertini International



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