The Rescued White Kitten

Trooper the Kitten 300x249 The Rescued White Kitten

Kitty, all cleaned up. He was infested with fleas when we found him but we got him all cleaned up and looking simply precious! We figure he was about 6 weeks old when we found him.

I never liked cats. That feeling stemmed from an experience I had as a young girl babysitting and they had a cat that used to always spook the heck out of me. I recall it would just stare and then POUNCE over to me and basically would scare the shit out of me.  Gosh, I hated babysitting for that family.  That was the first thing.

Then, you can imagine how perplexed I was when my retired parents, who now reside in a warm sunny climate, would tell me they had to keep their visit to NY short because of the cats.  Cats? What cats? We always had DOGS.  Yeah, my parents became cat people.  UGH, are you serious?  Whatever.   They still have those cats, lots of them, but you’d never know it. My mother wakes up promptly at 5 am every single day of her life to clean and clean and clean.  Their house does not smell like there is a cat anywhere within a 50 mile radius.   It’s remarkable really, how many cats they’ve rescued.

When we found our kitty the day before Halloween 2013 the first thing I thought to do was call my mother.  I explained to her about the RIDICULOUSLY loud meowing I heard coming from outside and I heard it all the way from my upstairs bedroom.  We went outside to see what the heck was going on and sure enough, there it was, all white and puffy sitting inside the window well.  We left it there for a while because we thought the mother would return and possibly was out looking for food.  The next day all I could hear was that meowing.


I mean come on already!   So, on Halloween day, we scooped up that all white kitty up and put it in a box in the garage. We called everyone we knew to see who might want it.  After all, we were fully intending to get a new labrador puppy following the death of our lab well over a  year ago. We had no intentions to keep this white kitty.

It turned nobody wanted the kitty.  Nobody seems to want kitties. The shelter I called all told me “cats were free to roam, feel free to release it”.   Was she KIDDING ME?   Actually, she was dead serious.

Of course, we were not able to just let him go. He was hungry, needed to be cleaned up and deserved a home. Ultimately, we named him Trooper.  My youngest daughter thought he was a ‘trooper’ for living outside as long as he did and so a name was born.  My girlfriend at work (known animal lover and rescuer of pets) told me that now that he has been given a name there was no way in hell we’d ever part with him.  Boy, was she right.

Trooper Today 300x243 The Rescued White Kitten

Trooper loves socks. Leave it around and he claims it as his own. LOL. he loves to sit in the kitchen with us and watch us cook and mill about.

It’s been four months now and Trooper has really grown in size. He is a pleasure to have in our house and is a wonderful family pet. Our kids love him and he is happy.  His purring is the sweetest sound you will ever hear and he loves to snuggle and be around people.

I have learned so much about kitties and I look forward to telling you more about him in the next post.

– Hugs and Meows,






  1. How cute! And a perfect name! We had a kitten named Trouble because she was a terror when she was a baby, climbing (and toppling) the Christmas tree, attacking the vacuum cleaner… As she got older, she was the best cat ever. She lived to be 18 and died two years ago from cancer. We still miss her. We also had Gracie at the time, and she is still with us. She actually should have been named Trouble! Good luck with Trooper 🙂

  2. Awwwwww…… We have a mini long hair daschund, that the hubby refers to as the cat (he loves her)…. Then I was suckered into getting not one but TWO hedgehogs…. Yeah you heard me correctly, TWO hedgehogs who at this moment are in their little sacs sitting on either side of the laptop as I type. Oh and I am an OCD clean freak…..

  3. I never ever thought I would become a dog person… and now I shamelessly say I am that dog mom! I adopted a little guy from the shelter a couple of years ago and my world revolves around him….shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!
    Animals… they sure do come into our lives when we least expect it!
    Stopping by from Saturday Sharefest and glad I found your blog!

  4. A fellow blogger sent this link over knowing how CAT CRAZY I am …… God Bless you for taking in this little sweetie! Cats are such a blessing and I couldn’t imagine my life without mine. Most of mine are rescues! Wishing you an absolutely fabulous life with Tropper and perhaps eventually, a kitty friend for him … *smile

    • WOW. that is so amazing that the link was shared and isn’t Trooper a cutie! Oh, how I love him! I have to tell you that I really did not know how affectionate they could be and snuggly and the purring is just a way they tell you they love you. so amazing. glad you stopped by Kristen!

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