Pizza Bagels for Dinner?

I’m wondering if pizza bagels will fly for dinner tonight. There are (many) days when I have no idea what the heck to cook for dinner. My GIRLS are very plain eaters and lord knows it’s next to impossible to find ONE THING they all can agree on. How much meatloaf and chicken can we eat!!! I am reminded of what one girlfriend does…. if they don’t want to eat what they are served, their only option is a bowl of cereal. Eating Rice Krispies is like eating air – that poses another problem – they will be hungry again within one hour, then what? 

The girls love pizza and they love bagels so it stands to reason they will enjoy a pizza bagel for dinner. Though, I admit I would feel terribly guilty to  not serve a vegetable. However, when we order in pizza for dinner I don’t break out corn-on-the-cob or broccoli. So, stands to reason that a pizza bagel does not warrant a vegetable tonight! 

PS. I just spoke to my hubby and we have decided to hit the mall and go out for dinner. Problem solved, till tomorrow night 🙂

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