Part II – Gearing up for Back to School

Some of you may have already started your journey back into the school year.  Others may have a few weeks of summer left to enjoy.  Here on Long Island, NY the children stalk the mailman anxiously awaiting word on teacher and classroom assignments.   Whatever your situation, we hope this post will encourage all that it is never too late to get organized.  There are times during the calendar year where getting organized simply makes more sense and the back-to-school time of year is certainly one of them.

Bathingsuit Bye-Bye

We don’t mean to be a debbie downer but you no longer need to have 10 pairs of goggles and 15 bathingsuits lurking around the house.  Pack away the ones you won’t need or don’t use and leave a few favorites out for each child.   If you don’t already have one, go buy a nice big storage bin and start the process to store all the summertime collectibles. This may include:  bathing suits, swim shoes, flipflops, coverups and beach bags.   Knowing that you have a ready-to-be-filled bin will make you feel organized.


The Back to School Purge

Back to School is the perfect time to clean out drawers and closets.  It is generally a good idea you do this before you go shopping for back to school clothes so that you know what you need before you hit the stores. As you clean, you should make piles of clothing that you no longer want. Soiled clothing should get discarded but clothes in decent shape be sure to donate. Then, get a list together of things you need so you don’t forget. 


Stinky sports storage 150x150 Part II   Gearing up for Back to SchoolSports Gear

If your kids play sports all year round then this is an absolute necessity for keeping sane. For others, the start of the school year typically means the start of sports activities.   Are you hoping that your kids stop asking you to get their stuff?  Placing their belongings in an organized place will give some order and allow for you to insist they stop declaring “Mom, where are my cleats!”  Especially if you have more than one child we recommend you separate certain items. You will need one bin for cleats and shin guards and a separate bin for uniforms.   Then you need to also find a home for their socks and any other accessories.  Your local KMART or WALMART will carry bins that look nice and have lids. After all, who wants to look at this stuff!


Warm and Cozy

The days will soon get shorter and the chilly nights are lurking not too far behind.   Now is the time to get all their warm and cozy gear ready and if you need new you can find sweatshirts generally on sale right before school starts.   We recommend you keep a sweatshirt in the car at all times (one per child) for instances when you forget to grab on the way out the door.   Don’t forget to replace when you use them!!!   

The Command Center

Depending on how much space you have you can get pretty intense with the family command center.  Check out this one we found on pinterest! LOVE!    Are you ready to tackle all those school papers, party invitations, and homework assignments?  Below we provide some quick and easy pointers to get started. 

(1) Calendar
Keep the school calendar handy so you know when the kids have tests, vacations and 1/2 days

(2) Cork Board
Use a corkboard for hanging up phone lists, sports schedules,  invitations and flyers

(3) WipeBoard with Dry Erase Markers
The wipeboard is great for to-do lists  and marking down randomn things that you need to remember

desk organizer 150x150 Part II   Gearing up for Back to School

An affordable organizing tip:(example) If you have 3 kids you use one shelf per child for storing school assignments

(4) Bins  – get 2 
Bins come in all different sizes, shapes and colors and you there are lots of affordable options but they all serve the same function. They keep us organized. We recommend you have one bin for storing completed assignments  and another one for incomplete assignments. 

Check out Girliemom’s command center!

Part 1 – Gearing up for Back to School


  1. I have to share that your “Gearing up for Back to School” posts have been incredibly helpful! I’ve been sharing your tips with a few of the moms I work with at Dish. Several of them have children who are barely starting kindergarten, so they love your ideas. I really wish I would’ve had this as a guide for when my guys were little and in school. Now my youngest is starting his senior year in high school and my oldest is starting his freshman year at Berkeley. Things are hectic around here, and it’s a completely different kind of hectic from the good old days when my babies were still little. For the oldest, we decided he needs an iPad so that he can download his textbooks, and watch TV and movies on it with the Dish Remote Access app. We figured it’ll double as a source for learning and entertainment, and this could save him from boredom during his off time. The nice part is that it streams from our DVR at home with a Sling Adapter, and it doesn’t cost anything each month for him to use. My youngest has different needs like Homecoming, Prom, senior pictures, college applications and the whole lot, so I’m definitely snagging your Command Center idea!


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