Part 2: Simple ways to get organized

Simple ways to Get Organized

Part 1 had focus on how to get your electronics and gadgets in order.  Part 2 has focus on family, self and helping others.

1. Plan out your days off and family vacations

OK, truth must be told here – I seem to screw this up each and every year. I rarely plan my vacations far off in advance so that I am able to get price reductions on air fares.   This year will be different and why this is numero uno on our family list.  If you work for a company that requires you enter your time off into a system then it’s important you plan this out in advance so that you can get first dibs against your colleagues

2. Schedule all those darn doctor appointments

Now I’m not saying you have to cram 5 doctor appointments into one week or even one month, but think about what you need and what you’ve been intending to do and/or procrastinating on and take a few minutes to make some appointments.  This may involve making some appointments for your loved ones as well (hubby, kids, etc).  so be sure to spread out the appointments so you don’t feel overwhelmed

3. Get some dates on the calendar to hang with your pals

Our pals give us the strength to get thru life’s good and bad moments. Make some time to have a few laughs with your friends.  While couples night out is great, some alone time with your best friends is something you must make time for.  For your hard-to-nail-down gal pals, give them a date and tell them to mark their calendar.

4. Holidays may be over but the address book needs a refresh

Whether you maintain in a spreadsheet, an app or the old-fashioned way, you likely need to update your mailing list.  Right after the holidays is a great time to do this, since you likely have all those holiday cards (and hopefully their envelopes) handy so you can jot down any new return addresses.   Come this time next year, you will thank me.

5. Get your bills in order

It’s a new year. Time to move last years stuff in an archive and get your system in order for handling the new year.   I wrote a specific post about one easy way to manage your bills. If you are still mailing bills with stamps and envelopes – save time and look into doing it on-line. Yes, it’s secure and yes it’s a huge time saver!   You can even deposits checks thru apps, check to see if your bank offers this great option.

6. PURGE and then DONATE

Now is a great time to organize and donate.   If you did not get a chance to do this before the holidays please read this and maybe you will get the motivation you need to get going.


  1. Now this is the list I can tackle. 🙂 (I’m not the best gadget gal!)

    My tip is to use postit notes in your planner for 2012. Sometime the doctor’s calendar isn’t open just for your child’s yearly eye exam in November. Just put a post it in June ( or whenever the doctor’s calendar opens up) to call for a November eye appt!


  2. These are wonderful tips! I especially like the doctor’s appointments tip. I have so many (like dentist) that I need to just sit down and schedule already!

  3. This is great advice! I need to go thru our garage and just add stuff every week to the trunk of my car and make a trip to good will. Thankfully being a gadget girl I have my ipad planner all scheduled, but I need to work on implementation.
    Anyway, I tagged you in my latest post! Come check it out!

  4. Hope Jackson says:

    Hello Melissa** this is your favorite mother-in-law letting you know how much I enjoyed your most recent blog! I would love to plan an evening of dinner and shopping, because I miss time just with you, and we can always find something to talk about!

  5. I am totally doing #6. Found you from your button on the main page of Bloggy Moms. Great blog.

    • jessica, that is so awesome! isn’t donating such a great feeling. thanks for the compliment on my blog. lord knows I’m trying! 🙂

  6. I so need to be organized this year

  7. I love your part 1 and part 2 simple ways to get organized! Great ideas and I hope to implement them all :)!

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