Part 1: Simple ways to get organized

Hello Friends,

I wanted to provide you with a 2 part series to help you begin the process to get organized in the New Year.   Hope you enjoy and find useful!

(1) Tackle email overload
Now is the time to sort thru all your email and remove yourself from any unnecessary mailing lists.  The way you remove yourself from a  mailing list is to unsubscribe.  For the most part, you can do this easily by opening the email, scroll all the way to the bottom and look for an “unsubscribe” button.   Some will make this more complicated so if you don’t see an “unsubscribe” button look for some other way to pull yourself from the list.

(2) Register all your new gadgets
Did you receive lots of new technology presents this year? If so, lucky you!  Whatever you may have received be sure to register your new device with the manufacturer.

(3)  Buy a docking station
Buy a docking station for simple placement of all your hand-held devices and to avoid having uncharged devices.  Grab a docking station or two and keep in a handy spot for the family.

(4) Get your Photos online
If you have not done this by now you should.  Set up an account with Shutterfly so that you can store your photos on-line. Setting up an account is free and by this time next year you will be ordering your holiday cards on-line and with just a few clicks.

(5) Social media and your privacy
Check your privacy settings on all social platforms that you belong to. Be sure you understand how you  appear on-line to others and know what people can see or not see. .

(6) Cool App for moms on the go
Must give credit where credit is due, I found this app from reading one of my favorite blogs Mission Hot Mama who recommended this app called Intuition.  While I am not a huge fan of plugging in my entire grocery list I do love this app for keeping track of all my errands and tasks. I especially love checking things off when complete!

(7) Stay on top of new technology
Many of my immediate friends and family are clueless when it comes to technology (sorry, you know you who are and yes I still love you)!  I keep reminding them that their kids must not know more than them!!!   Find a few good sources of reliable information and stick with that.  Girliemom likes Mashable for social media news and cool mom tech to stay on top of cool gadgets.

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  1. Wow! Great tips. I just took a week and did an e-mail purge, unsubcribed and archived tons of emails. I feel so much lighter!

    Id love for you to link this post up with my blog this Friday!

    • hi Lisa, Thanks !!! isn’t that the BEST feeling ! i did a massive purge myself. glad the tips helped and yes, i would love to link this up to your site! sounds great !


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