Part 1 – Gearing up for Back to School

desk organizer 150x150 Part 1   Gearing up for Back to SchoolI know, it’s still July and it seems too soon to start thinking about back to school. Well, here is the good news. You still have one solid month to get organized. Here is the bad news: One month will go very fast! There are many things you can start to do NOW to get ready for Back to School. We’ve prepared a short list to help you get started on your back to school organizing journey . Be sure to check back again soon because the Part 2 in this series will focus on how to stay organized during the school year!

1.  Go Sneaker Shopping Now

We were not surprised when this was raised as the #1 thing to do as soon as possible.  In fact, last year I do recall waiting too long to take my girls sneaker shopping and by the time we hit the stores in late August all the styles and sizes were sold out.    Be sure you search for coupons  before you hit the stores because you can generally always find a sale or discount code you can use for shopping on-line.

Get connected with the school

Many schools have already posted some key materials on their website  to help get you prepared for the school year.  Some of the items you should look into are:  find and print the upcoming school calendar (great for planning!),  school supply lists,  registration forms for before and after care programs, information about clubs and programs, and summer reading lists.  If your child is making the move from elementary to middle school or is heading on to high school many of the schools are posting maps which may calm some nervous jitters.

3.  Get their Book Bags before they Sell out

Come on now, we’ve all been there. You get to the store to pick up the backpack they want and it’s sold out.  Please, do yourself a favor and grab their bags now.  They are already in all the stores and there is every color and pattern imaginable. Be sure you check your school website to see if there are any special requirements and instructions.

4.  Start School Supply Shopping Now

Listen, there is hardly a chance you can avoid the September madness in the stores for school supplies altogether because sometime we just either forget something or the teachers make last minute requests.  However, for most of the basic items like pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, etc you can certainly go get those taken care of now.   Most schools will supply you with a shopping list which makes it super simple to get a head start on your back to school preparedness.

5.  Get Social with your School

If you want to stay up-to-date with your school and don’t have time to get on-line every day or every week, now is a great time to get connected.  Most schools now have facebook pages or are on twitter.   If you are a gal on the go and are always connected to your mobile device, this technique is perfect for staying informed with the happenings at your school.   If your school does not have a facebook or twitter page, you might consider writing a letter to the school PTA  and propose they get one!


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