Organize your Girls Hair Accessories

If you have daughters then you likely have a lot of hair accessories floating around your house. Even if they forgo the headbands and clips and only wear ponies, do you find you are always looking for them?  I no longer have this problem thanks to a few organizing techniques that are super affordable.

accessories1 e1316643957613 224x300 Organize your Girls Hair AccessoriesI have three daughters and a mother-in-law that loves the dollar store. That results in more headbands and hair clips than I know what to do with.

I must give credit where credit is due. A dear friend of mine gave me this tip which now I will share with you. For storing all their hair accessories you can head on over to your nearest Target or Wal-Mart and pick up an over-the-door shoe organizer like what you see here. You can use this to store all their hair accessories and whatever else. In my house, we use it for costume jewelry and other trinkets like shoelaces.

Since my girls have so much stuff, I keep this upstairs in the linen closet which is near all three of their bedrooms.

To keep some accessories handy downstairs, I purchased these small drawer organizers you see here and I keep it within easy reach (for us that is in our laundry room).  accessories2 e1316643980442 224x300 Organize your Girls Hair AccessoriesThe girls are now able to help themselves.

Staying organized saves me time and helps keep me sane.  I hope these simple tips do the same for you.

Happy Organizing!


  1. Hair Accessories can get quickly out of control. I also like the bow holders- that hang with ribbons hanging down for you to clip the hair bows on. If only there was also a place for headbands on those things.

    Wait- I think I just invented something 🙂

  2. I so need to get one of these, I am forever finding hair clips, elastics, ties and what everelse on the bathroom floor.

    I need something smaller for my son’s elastics for his braces, I swear he just remove them and drops them were ever he happens to be. Maybe one of those neck baskets I saw on Teen Nick, lmao.

    • trust me, you will love it. can’t wait to hear back from you – tell me what you think please!

      on the elastics they sell very small tupperware like containers (tiny ones) in the supermarket – how about that ?? They are about 2 inches x2 inches with red lid (i actually use them to put dip inside when sending my kids to school with veggies). good luck organizing!

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  4. I used to do the same thing when my girls were young (they are now 32 and 28.) Funny how organized minds think alike. Great site and I look for ward to reading everything! Hope you’ll visit and follow my blog when you have a moment. Donna

  5. Wow, that is an awesome idea. Your earlier post with the see-through plastic drawers you have, I have those with all of my scrapbook paper sorted. Love ’em! New follower here and would love a follow back at

  6. Believe it or not, I just bought a 3 drawer container to organize my daughters hair supplies but knew it was too small but would be a good start…… I’m going out and getting the door shoe holder!!! Thanks GirlieMom.

    • oh, i love it! Please send me a photo when you are done!!!!

      • Well, it didn’t work for me. I couldn’t shut the door with the rack on. I guess I could ask hubby to shave the door, so in the meantime I reverted to the 3 drawer container and that’s working fine for now. I may staple gun that shoe rack up somewhere else to store crafts…….

        • I can see how that could be a problem if the door is so closely aligned to the frame. What a bummer! But yes – you are correct. You would need to take the door off the hinge and shave about 1/8 to 1/4″ (depth of the hook). However, If it’s a solid door (vs. hollow) you can drill holes thru the hook. the hook doesn’t need to go over the door of the frame (hope that helps!).

          I like your idea to use it store crafts, like ribbons and bows? is that what you may use it for???

          So happy you wrote, please keep me posted.

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