On-line Shoe Shopping on the Rise

Are you an on-line shopper, a TV shopper, a store shopper or perhaps a combination of all-of-the-above?  What I can tell you is that my husband cringes at the site of the UPS man. So what if he has my name committed to memory!  It’s not that I’m suddenly spending more , it’s that the delivery mechanism by which I shop has been modified thanks to all the glorious new technology at our fingertips.  I prefer to shop on-line for most things including cosmetics, shampoo, clothing, and even food.  Of course,  the convenience factor has a lot to do with this preference.  Working full-time I rarely have time for a trip to the mall.  Not to mention, I know what I like it and I know where to get it. A few clicks later and it’s on the way to my front door.

If you stick with my blog, you will likely hear me rave about Zappos quite a bit. Zappos.com has likely the best customer service philosophy ever. As they say, the fact they sell shoes is really a moot point.  After only a few purchases you quickly become a VIP.  Their customer service reps are friendly (and funny), they give you speedy service (as VIP you can expect your shoes the very next day), they are HELPFUL and shipping and returns are F-R-E-E.  Seriously people, what more can you want?  If you receive your shoes and the size is wrong they will send you a new pair in a new size, overnight them and not make you pay again before they receive the first pair. Of course, you need to do the right thing and send the first pair back (shame on those that don’t!)

On the flip side, there are some retailers that actually warrant a trip to the store. TJ MAX (another of my all-time favorites) requires time, patience and the ability and know-how to find good stuff thru lots of digging and sorting.  I would not recommend going to TJ Max if you are short on time. With perseverance, you can make some serious finds like the Calvin Klein patent leather platform pumps I got yesterday for $25.00.  SCORE!

Another new phenomenon is TV shopping.  Hello QVC and HSN. Yes, I am in love with you!  I am quite certain I did half my Christmas shopping last year thru this medium. If you are my good friend you are fully aware of my addiction  to HSN and QVC for bringing me to love two great products, tan towels and WEN (A shout-out to my sister for this find).  Shopping with your TV remote control or your iphone app, I admit,  is rather impulsive but seriously fun.  Although I have a funny feeling my  husband is not laughing…..

So, this begs the question.  Which are you?  Are you an on-line shopper, a store shopper, a TV shopper or a combination of all-of-the-above.

Tell me which you are and why!
Can’t wait to hear from you.




  1. Cousin Lori says:

    All of the above… It runs in the family…

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