On-Line Shoe Clubs on the Rise

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hello lover 150x150 On Line Shoe Clubs on the Rise“Hello, Lover!”  It’s the memorable Sex and the City quote that Carrie Bradshaw utters as she sees an amazing pair of shoes in a store window.

Is there a woman in the world that can’t relate????  I think not!

So when Girliemom heard about On-Line Shoe Clubs gaining tremendous popularity clearly this required some deeper investigation!  One has to wonder, is this the future of fashion?   Personally, I am a huge fan of zappos.  You just can’t touch their customer service.  However, I was intrigued so I did some investigation.

Here is what I learned:

  1. A shoe club can provide designer shoes at affordable prices.
  2. Monthly Membership Fees range in price so do your  homework!
  3. Review carefully all return and exchange policies. Most clubs have re-stocking fees that can run up to $10 per item.
  4. A great option for those pressed for time that need some style assistance.
    After completing a style profile custom selections are provided to you. Most will use your buying pattern as well to offer future selections
  5. Think. Do you really need new shoes once a month? (hint: need and want are two different things!)
  6. This reminds me of QVC / HSN autoship
    Autoship products always seem to come too fast. You will need to pay attention and stay on top of the requirement to say yes or no by a certain time each month.

Some On-Line Shoe clubs worthy of your time to look into:

Boasts premier shoe and handbag membership, providing fashions from personal stylists. You will get started by taking a fashion personality quiz.  JustFabulous is a monthly membership program for $39.95/month. Once you make your first purchase, your membership is automatically upgraded to VIP.  You will have the option each month to review styles selected for you. You will need to select an item by the 5th day of the month. If you choose to purchase more than one item, you can do that for an extra $39.95 each. You must take action by the 5th of every month by making a purchase or choosing to skip. If you do not take action by the 5th, your account will be charged $39.95.   Just Fab Offers 20% off your first item. The fine print indicates a a $5.95 restocking fee for all items returned. Exchanges have no additional fee.  Returns or exchanges can only be processed for up to 30 days from the original date of shipment. To make a return you need to call a phone number, get a return number and will need to drop off at a fed ex location.

While we appreciate the relatively low monthly membership fee be forewarned the Devil is in the Details!   If you are not convenient to a fed ex location, this may not be the best choice for you.

Twitter handle:  @justfabonline

Shoe mint
A members only shoe store created by fashion icon Rachel Bilson, stylist Nicole Chavez, and Steve Madden who combine to bring you ShoeMint.  Girliemom likes that as you browse thru the shoe collections they offer ‘style notes’ which are tips on how to wear the shoe.  To get started you will fill out a brief style profile (takes 5 minutes), designs are selected for you and you have a choice each month to pick or skip.   While you can order shoes at any time, you also can earn credits. You receive one credit each month with your monthly membership fee of $79.98. Within the first five days of each month, you have the option to opt-out of receiving your credit and you will not be charged. Also, you may also choose to save credits for a later time.  Unworn shoes must be returned within 30 days of purchase. A $9.95 restocking fee is applied to all returns. This fee is not applied to exchanges.

You need to stay on top of your membership or expect  the monthly fee of $80 bucks.  If you can afford it, good for you. I suggest you think about it before taking the leap.Twitter handle: @shoemint

Others to look into:

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  1. I am a huge fan of shoe clubs and it seems like they are getting bigger and better each month! There are so many styles and choices it is a ton of fun and can be super addicting 🙂

    • Hi Shoe Club Gal, can you give my readers any insight into what you think about meeting the deadline each month? do you ever skip a month? Thanks much!

  2. Hi there!

    I don’t really see it as a big deal. I’ve only ever missed one month back when I first joined ShoeDazzle. Its at the point now where I look forward to the first of the month so much that I wouldn’t forget to log into my shoe clubs. But I suppose you could always set a calendar alert on your phone or something.

    The thing is… Even if you miss a month it isn’t the end of the world. With every club you will get a store credit that can be used within a year towards the purchase of an item. So it’s not like you’re out that money or anything.

    All the best!

    • Thanks Shoe Club Gal, we appreciate your insight…. I’m seriously tempted to try this but have not made the commitment yet. anyone else try a shoe club?

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