My Life is Interfering with my Blog

My life is interfering with my blog. Or possibly, I have this backwards?

Yes, Girliemom is still alive. I think. Barely. Coasting thru life at the moment at a furiously fast pace. No clue where the days are going. New job. New boss to impress. High stress. Working long days and nights. Hubby doing the same. Busy kids with too much on their plate (guilty as charged!) Sports schedules with too many conflicts. Cooking meals somewhere in-between (sometimes). The laundry is drastically piling up (this certain to cause tears!).

Some months are just plain busier than other months. I am having one of those months. OK. Let me rephrase. I had one of those months (March) and I am having another one now. Gulp. Holding on tight.

Passover and Easter so soon and at the same time. Friends that don’t hear from me. I really don’t suck. My real friends understand thank god! The guilt of ordering too much pizza and Chinese. Squeezin’ in a workout once a week (lame!) What the hell will once a week do???? Lame! Or did I already say that?

Wow. I am beyond touched. I am grateful to each of you that took a second to ask if i was ok. I am. I am simply having a (too long and highly annoying) extremely busy moment that caused me to prioritize and go quiet for a bit. Thank goodness for having enough in the archives to allow for rotation of content. Many of you can likely relate. My life is not interfering with my blog. My blog is one slice of my life.


  1. Emily Woodhouse says:

    That’s a great piece of work mate. You talked the words which are jailed in every working moms heart. You’re trying your best. Which is reflected by this piece of your life(blog). Thumbs to you.

  2. We all need to remember that. You’d have no content for your blog anyways if you didn’t live life right?

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