Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Holy Smokes. If you have still some shopping to do and need some last-minute gift ideas we have some great ideas for you:

(1) Gift Cards
Of course, this is an obvious one but to make it look special you can go the extra mile by placing the gift card in a nice gift card holder. You can buy them at any supermarket or drug store. We recommend a visa or am/ex gift card so they can shop wherever. Expect to pay a small fee.

(2) For the forgotten family member (adult) – Nice Card with Lotto Scratch-offs
A gift is grand but a card is thoughtful. Don’t forget to hit your local drug store or card store to get your family members some nice cards. Place some scratch offs within the card

(3) For Young Children – The Happy Napper or Pillow Pet
Perfect for young boys or girls – Your local CVS or other drug store likely carry a whole stockpile of the Happy Napper. These adorable stuffed animals can reverse into a pillow. I have to say, they are pretty cute.   For tween ideas, read this.

(4) For the girlie girl – a basket of girlie goodies
In your local Target or Wal-Mart if you hit the home goods section you will find a few aisles of nice baskets or organizing drawers. If you get one of those you can fill them up with all sorts of goodies including chapstick, lip gloss, new hairbrush, nail polish. She will love it.

(5) For the athlete – think sports
Hit any of your sports retail outlets and grab them a cool new soccer ball or football and if you have the extra bucks throw in some cool new accessories like shin guards, mouthgard or other safety gear

(6) For the young artist
You can hit your local office supply store or major retailer like Target or Wal-Mart and get some construction paper, sketch pads, tracing paper with some new cool colored pencils. To make this gift look extra special add a cool new ruler and pencil sharpener.

(7) For the Book Lover –
Actually, Girliemom loves this for ANY PERSON ON YOUR LIST. Hit your local book retailer and get a book. For kids and young adults how about the Twilight Series or Dork Diaries. Girliemom loves book series! For the 60+ generation how about Jane Fonda’s new book “Prime Time”. For those that love to cook you can get a great new recipe book. For Chanukah we gave our girls the new Buddy Valestro cook book titled “Baking with the Cake Boss” which they absolutely love. The bookstore is loaded with other goodies like journals and cool calendars.

(8) For the Handy Man
Hit your local home renovation store (Home Depot, Lowes) and get a new cordless drill (my hubby says the Dewalt brand is currently on sale) or a ratchet set.

(9) For your BFF – read this

If you are absolutely desperate and need a specific idea just send me a message using the contact form. I will help you best I can.  

Stay Safe today, the roads will be crowded and people will be driving fast!

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