Last Day of Camp

I just got back from buying 11 gift cards at Dunkin Donuts. I got eleven $10 gift cards. Today is my GIRLS last day of summer camp. We have other things going on in August and so their camp days are not as long as usual.  I wish I could do more than $10 but i have 11 counselors to take care of and paying for the camp was a lot in and of itself.  I am reminded of my childhood days when I was a Jr. Counselor at the Y and I do recall those parents that went out of their way to give me a card with a few bucks in it. I hope, if anything, it teaches my GIRLS a lesson. A lesson about saying thank you to those people who deserve it. The camp counselors work very hard. They make sure the kids have fun, have sunblock re-applied countless times during the day, they get them to the nurse when they need a band-aid, they give love and hugs to our kids when they are just in the mood for nothing other than that. They play sports with them in the hottest of days, teach them how to swim and most importantly how to be good to our friends and work as a team. I have very fond memories of my camp days and I hope that my GIRLS will have them too.  xoxo

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