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The Kalu hair ponytail is pretty and will actually hold your hair.

The best part about what we craigslist cialis montreal do is getting early access to some new products hitting the market. Being a mother to one daughter and the fact I have a bunch of nieces, well – you can trust I know a thing or two about hair accessories (and not all hair accessories are created equal). Girliemom was recently at a Pamper Me Fabulous event in NYC and had the chance to get to know KALU Enterprises, LLC.

Kalu Enterprises is a fashion and design team founded by Romona and Victoria, two stay at home moms and great friends. These two moms found time to use their business savvy and creative minds to design and manufacture hard to find pretty and long lasting hairbands.

About Kalu hairbands:

Kalu Hairbands are a viagra super force stylish way for women and girls who want to wear their hair up to use a hairband that is versatile, stylish, and luxurious. They are comfortable and quite fashionable with a style and color to suit every personality.

Why we love Kalu hairbands:

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    1. Nice variety of colors and textures. cost for viagra You can match any outfit with their vast quantity of colors and styles. kalu1 225x300 Beautiful Hairbands by Kalu
    2. They are pretty and stylish. The hairbands by KALU are so pretty you won’t have to worry about an ugly elastic band or using your own hair to cover the band
    3. They actually hold your hair! This beautiful hairband will hold thin or thick hair, perfectly!
    4. Good Quality / Luxurious. Most hairbands you can only use once because they stretch out and then become too loose to use again. The quality of these ponies is such that they hold their shape so you can use viagra commercial asian them over an over again.


Would we recommend Kalu Hairbands?

Yes! Girliemom loves all the colors and textures and the KALU hairbands are beautiful, stylish, long lasting, and they HOLD your hair in place for the perfect pony! They make a wonderful gift, stocking stuffer or party favor.  

Girliemom Favorite Style: Woven West

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  Where to Buy: You can buy this product directly from Kalu Enterprises. Prices range from $3.00 to $40.00   *Girliemom received this product to review by KALU Enterprises and we graciously accepted it. No monies were exchanged and this review reflects our honest opinion of the product.


  1. Thanks so much for the great blog and we Love that Girliemom Loves KALU pony holders! Thanks for being a great resource for all beauty!

  2. These hairbands look fantastic. I have a 9 year old daughter with long long hair and we never have enough hairbands

  3. These look great! I have three daughters and we love finding new things. Great blog. Newest follower from #SITSSharefest! Looking forward to your posts… Following you everywhere.

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