Justifying the Work from Home Mom

Girliemom comment to a recent blog post I read:

I agree with you for the most part but you have chosen to not discuss one of the fundamental reasons why many (woman) enjoy the flexibility to work from home.  It’s simple. I get to have a career AND put my kids on and off the school bus. The school schedule does not conform too well to the corporate 9-5.

Yes, I enjoy very much to don my corporate attire and head into the office. I agree that working with people, around people, often in a team setting is incredibly important. However, as a woman and as a mother I have made the conscious choice to request for and receive the flexibility to work from home a few days a week.  I would be remiss to not point out that this choice for many could come at a (professional) price. Fortunate for me, I work in an atmosphere where WHAT you produce is more important than WHERE you produce it.

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  1. Hope Jackson says:

    Population is always climbing but our highways remain the same. It just makes sense to embrace flex time if available in your workplace. I believe that eventually, within the next ten years, most office workers will be working from home for the most part. Why? Highways, at least here in Suffolk County, New York, will not be expanded enough to accomodate the growing workforce within the 9 – 5 work-a-day world. Flex time will help the congested roads but working from home will become common. An added benefit is that there will be someone home to be the ‘homemaker ‘ and supervise and comfort our children after school, something we as a society has sorely missed during the past fifteen years!

  2. I think this is also a very personal choice. Noone can say what it’s best, it all varies from person to person.
    I loved being with my baby and I did not feel the need to be in a coorporate environment to feel fulfilled – I’m back at work, but for different reasons now.
    If I had the choice to be work-from-home mom or stay-at-home one, I’ll take it in a heart beat.

    That’s my PERSONAL choice. 🙂

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