Organize and Donate!

donate Organize and Donate!Organize and Donate

I admit to being slightly overwhelmed by all the stuff that stampedes the home during the holidays. I do all that I can to get myself organized before the tidal wave of new toys and clothes hits the home. I’m not complaining. I’m crazy grateful to have this wonderful opportunity to provide for my family.

Following the opening of gifts during Chanukah and on Christmas morning (yes, we do both), my girls like to keep all their new things in separate piles under the tree.  Once gifts are opened, I can only look at the piles of stuff lying around on the floor  for so long.  After a few days of staring at a big lump of stuff, I work to get it all organized in their new happy homes.

I have found that now is the perfect time to organize  and donate to my favorite Charity.  Naturally, I have some ideas on things you can do to start this process:

(1) Purge the kids rooms

When you tackle the kids bedrooms a good place to start is with their drawers and closet.  I generally tidy up the stuff they still like and create a donation pile for the rest.   This will allow room for any new stuff they may receive.   This is also the time when my kids like to do “clothes swap” with each other.

(2) Coats and Bulky Items

Now is a good time to check out your coat closet and be rid of the coats that no longer fit or ones that you never wear.  If you haven’t worn it for a few years the odds are pretty good you never will. Plus, this time of year there are so many coat drives going on for families in need.

(3) Get your Toys in check

Toys that are broken or have missing pieces can generally get discarded.   Toys your children have outgrown can be donated.  This year, my family said goodbye to most anything Elmo or Dora related (sniff sniff).   If the parting of a toy is difficult for your child now is a perfect time to have a conversation about children in need, so that they can feel good about their decision.

(4) Stuffed Animals

Seriously, how many stuffed teddies can one kid have?  Every year, I ask my girls to find 2 or 3 stuffed animals each that they’d like to donate.  I always encourage them to keep the ones that have special meaning.

(5) Organize with Baskets

By now, you should know how I feel about baskets. Just in case you don’t you may want to read this.

(6) Organize your pantry

Now is the time of year when you are doing lots of cooking. Get rid of things that have expired and make yourself a list of things you need.  (note: there are lots of articles on-line that state you can still use certain goods post expiration date  but I generally don’t feel safe to do that so I discard)


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