Quick Tip: How to Organize your Bills

bills 300x199 Quick Tip: How to Organize your BillsDo you sometimes feel like you need a personal assistant just to handle all your mail? I have a simple tip to help you get the bill situation organized in your home. You can head over to the nearest Target or Wal-Mart or even to your nearest office supply store and get yourself a few boxes.  I recommend no less than three.   If you can find some that allow you to label them, even better.  The labels should say:

(1) Bills to be Paid —  These are bills that obviously need to get paid / have not been paid yet

(2) Bills to be Filed — These are bills that have been paid and will need to get filed (understanding the process of filing takes time and might not happen immediately)

(3) Miscellaneous  —  Includes everything else

If you want to be super organized you can get a few more boxes and categorize even further such as: Things to Read, Offers, Medical Info.  Not sure where to put the bigger stuff that arrives in the mail?  Baskets of course!  

Many companies now offer you a greener choice to receive bills on-line. You will need to decide if you can stay organized and not miss deadlines by following this method.

Staying Organized can be simple and fun and does not need to be a huge burden. Have fun with it!  

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  1. Hi, here’s a question. What bills do we need to save and for how long? I am running out of room in my file drawer.

    • I save all my bills for at least 7 years. Anything older than one year we keep in our basement (we use those heavy metal organizers that you can stack). I suppose you don’t need to go that crazy. In fact, one thing you might look into to save space are those really great electronic wand document scanner. this way you can store old bills electronically.

      To keep the current year handy without taking too much space – go get one of those accordion organizers (at staples or office max). I like the kind that when you open it – it has the alphabet on one side and pre made labels on the other side (this give you two options for filing) ! I like the sturdy kind with the handle on the top (it looks like a mini briefcase!)


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