How-To: Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

For all my bloggy friends… you likely already know that I have tendency to jump the gun a bit when it comes to adding new functionality to not only my blog but also to the other social networkworking hubs that I utilize regularly.   As such, I hope to pass along some great articles I’ve discovered on how to implement the new Facebook Timeline feature to your brand page.   Come see my new page here!

In case you were not aware, this is being pushed to all fan pages on March 30.   Hope you find it helpful!!

Some Highlights:

  • Learn how to mark your milestone events
  • Learn the Facebook version of how to ‘pin’
  • Sure to upset many – Pages no longer have the option to set up a custom tab for people who are not fans (eg. such as a welcome page)
  • Add your cover image.  Major real estate given to this!  There are RULES so be sure to comply!
  • Understand why ‘likes’ are no longer the center of the universe
  • Photos and Apps above and below the fold.
  • Learn about the new Admin Panel

Some great articles that I have found that will be a HUGE help!

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