Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

I’m finding as the girls get older it gets harder (or rather more expensive) to find things I know they will like.  I suppose gone are the days when barbie dolls would suffice.  I am new to the tween world but I believe with my technical prowess and motherly skills I have assembled a decent list.  Sure hope you find it useful!   If you are feeling a bit stumped or want to grab a few more things, perhaps this list will give you some ideas….  Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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ipodhome1 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsiHome for iPod
Give your tween a cool place for them to put their iPod  while also taking duty as a useful alarm clock.  We love the one that turns colors!     


hanging jewelry1 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsHanging jewelry Organizer
 This jewelry organizer can hang in their closet and we love the ones that come with zippers to keep everything in tact. (hint: I saw a ton of these at Marshalls and Mandees!) 

sketch book 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Designer Sketch Books
Keep the creative juices flowing with these cool designer sketch pads by Fashion Angels.   They have so many different varieties you can stock up on a few. Pair it up with some new colored pencils and you have a really great gift. 


bike helmet 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

New Bike Helmet
This was the year I had to say good-bye to the Princess Bike Helmets (sniff sniff) so I purchased some new cool ones instead in their favorite colors. Awesome! 



karoke 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsKaraoke Machine
Let your kids express themselves with a cool karaoke Machine. Granted, I have a basement that I can put this in so if you don’t – I suggest you move with caution. If you have more than one child you can get each their own microphone (to avoid conflicts of course!). They will love you like mad for this! 



vanity 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsMakeup Vanity
Do you hate sharing the mirror with the kids?   Get them their own vanity and encourage them to do their hair in their own room.  A vanity is also a great place for them to store their hair brushes, clips and makeup.  They seriously range in price I suggest you shop around.  




cleats 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsCool Cleats
For the Sports Enthusiast cool cleats in neon colors are very popular right now.  


mini speakers 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween Girlsmini speakers by PBTeen
 These mini speakers will deliver great sound for their iPod.  A great gift idea for under $10 bucks.   I know what you are thinking… more noise!  sorry!



crackle nail 150x135 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsCrackle Nail Polish
Crackle nail polish is all the rage.  Grab a few colors they make for a great stocking stuffer!





duct tape 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsColored Duct Tape
Seriously, I wrote a whole blog post about this.  Duct tape comes in all different colors and even in patterns now too – like zebra!  You can find them at any crafts store and even the office supply stores carry them.



music Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsBooks and Music
Encourage the listening of music  by getting them some new tunes. Some of the ones on my girls list include:

Selena Gomez and the Scene – When the Sun Goes Down  
Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday 
Mike Posner – 31 minutes to Takeoff

Need some good book ideas? We like these at our house:

For the Young Tweens:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Book Collection for Books 1-5
judyblume1 150x150 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween GirlsAnything by the great Judy Blume (oh, don’t you remember reading her books!)

For the more mature:
My niece loves the Twilight series.  How about the Twilight Saga Complete Collection (some mature content in these)

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