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Girliemom in the News. Working from Home – A Perspective

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Girliemom’s Melissa Potvin went on air to debate the topic of working from home.

Whether you are a SAHM or a WAHM or a combination of the two, the work-life balance is something that has been debated for decades. The conversation has been modified over the years but one thing has always remained true: there is no easy answer.The following questions have often been raised?  Does work-life balance even exist?  How can you be truly successful at both?  Can one truly be effective when they work from home?

What some might view as a personal decision often turns into being more about what a company deems as acceptable in their work environment.

Telecommuting Series #1 – How to Stay Relevant

In response to Yahoo! recent decision to ban telecommuting for its entire workforce, Girliemom published the following article: “A major blow to work at home parents”.  This article was picked up by NBC and the following segments aired on the NBC Today Show and NBC Nightly News.  The segment continued to be featured nationally and many local stations.  Some, not all, are featured below.

February 27, 2013 – The Today Show

March 3, 2013 – NBC Nightly News

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