Girliemom favorites in 2014

Girliemom – 2014 Review…. It has been a busy and fun year at Girliemom. We had so much fun being invited to fun events as well as meeting wonderful people and being introduced to some fabulous products. We love keeping you posted on lifestyle, beauty and product reviews. Lets have some fun and share some of our favorites!! 🙂

photo 30 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

Girliemom in The Bosco with CRC. Lets show some #LEGSIE!

photo 32 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

Melissa and Stephanie from Girliemom showing some Legsie

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with Michelle Madonna.

IMG 2230 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

Stephanie and Melissa
SOHO Mondrian Penthouse & Terrace NYC

wrap it with Adam 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

Stephanie & Melissa from Girliemom had the pleasure to meet Adam Levine of Wrap It

IMG 1880 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

cookie lee director of product Shawn Forbes, Stephanie Mazzoni – Girliemom and cookie lee CEO Debbie Millar

                  Hanes Hosiery Unveils Silk Reflections Collection photo 31 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014Hanes has a new look and attitude that will engage and inspire women to make a fashion statement with their legwear. The new Hanes Silk Reflections Fall/Winter 2014 collection features a luxe sheer tight that’s a new twist on the classic sheer. Check out all our fun pictures HERE. Wrap iT: The Best Gift Wrap Organizer on the Planet wrap it melissa and stephanie 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014 Wrap iT organizes, stores and protects all your gift wrapping supplies. It holds everything that you can possibly think of. We fit so much inside of it! It holds wrapping paper rolls, gift boxes, tissue paper, scissors, tape, cards, bows and ribbon and everything slips right into place. You will find all of your wrapping products all in one spot. The Wrap iT truly organizes and protects all your supplies. You can see our full review HERE. photo 28 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014TULA: TULA is an amazing skin care line. Our skin looks healthy, clear and radiant. TULA is a new skin care line that utilizes probiotics. Dr. Roshini Raj, one of the founders of TULA, dedicates her life to educating the public on healthy living and embraces the importance of balance. Dr. Raj understands that inner harmony leads to outer beauty, and that feeling great on the outside can improve how we feel on the inside. The TULA product line is intended to promote a feeling of beauty and radiance. The products are all formulated with TULA Probiotic Technology, which features rice proteins and vitamins A, C, and E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, along with fruit extracts. The technology also contains a complex that includes yogurt, green tea and blueberry extracts. In addition, each product helps deliver antioxidants to fight free radical attack, while helping promote a youthful appearance. You can read our full review HERE. Cookie Lee Jewelry Cookie Lee is a quality fashion jewelry collection that is affordable and right on trend. Debbie Millar, CEO and Owner has been in the fashion industry for years and jumped at the opportunity to bring cookie lee to a new level of inspiration, fashion, and prosperity. See our review HERE. 0404 melissa mom steph dancing 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014The Bat Mitzvah of a Lifetime – Series #1 I have been wanting to write this post for months. For the past few months, I feel like I’ve been in party recovery. Ha! That was how hard I worked to plan every single detail. For six months prior to the event, every weekend was jammed pack filled with running errands and planning. The good news is, the party was a hit.. at least in my eyes and in the eyes of the Bat Mitzvah girl! Though, now that I have received the photos and video it sure looks as if all my guests had a good time too, which makes me beam with happiness. Check out this very special post HERE!   Enhance your shine with Briogeo
IMG 1638 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

Melissa and Stephanie Briogeo Brand Ambassadors

Briogeo is one of our favorite hair care lines and we are so lucky to have been able to get a sneak peak at their three new products that have just recently launched. Briogeo is our obsession when it comes to our hair. We have been using Briogeo for approximately one year and there is a significant change to our hair. Not only do the products smell yummy our hair looks FABULOUS! You can read all about it HERE. mary and mally 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014 7 Great tips from Mary DeAngelis QVC – Being a part of the Mally Beauty Show and More! At Girliemom we are so happy to introduce you to Mary DeAngelis – Talent Program Correspondent at QVC. How lucky was I to interview Mary. She is so much fun!! She works with In the Kitchen with David and also just recently worked with Mally on the Mally Beauty Show. She has the best job ever!! Read our interview with Mary HERE. Planning for a Disney Vacation disney bands 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014I was just recently at Disney Orlando on vacation with my family. I thought about how great it would be if I could give some good advise on planning your

next trip to Disney. Planning your Magical Disney Vacation can sometimes be overwhelming and not so Magical! I wanted to give you some tips to help plan your trip and get the most out of your family vacation. You can read the entire post HERE.

One Night In Paris book cover 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

One Night In Paris is full of adventure, love, hope, and a little bit of magic

Juliette Sobanet 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

Juliette Sobanet

One Night in Paris by Juliette Sobanet is one of our favorites: We love her Paris based books. Oooo La La!! Juliette Sobanet has done it again! Another fabulous book that we could not put down. This is Juliette Sobanet’s first short story and we absolutely loved it! “One Night in Paris is a heartwarming and enchanting journey back to Jazz Age Paris.” You can read our full book review HERE. The Lil’ Holster photo 4 e1405639013902 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014 The Lil’ Holster is so adorable! We just love how it clings to everything. Finally, you will have a place to put your makeup, soap, and nail polish. Perfect for crafts too. The Lil’ Holster will save you some counter space and you can put it any where you would like. We love that the Lil’ Holster is a portable silicone holder for tools and accessories that clings to any smooth surface. It provides a convenient way to keep tools safe and organized in the home or at work. You can read our full review HERE. Albertini International: Skin Care for women over 40+ albertini2 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014Changing how you approach your skin care routine is necessary as you age. Your hormones change which can cause a number of problems including loss of collagen, elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention, the most common symptom to aging and menopause is dry skin. You can read our review HERE. Skin & Co Roma: At Girliemom we love good skin care. skin and co 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014“Think about putting the luxury of rare Italian Truffles, for your skin.” Skin & Co was created around farm grown, organic ingredients, these one of a kind treatments feature decadent Umbrian Truffle Extract to keep skin looking youthful. Hey, YOUTHFUL IS THE KEY WORD HERE! You don’t get much better than that! You can read our full review HERE.  
0600 150x150 Girliemom favorites in 2014

Melissa and Stephanie

As you can see we had a great year in 2014. Wishing all our followers/subscribers, family and friends a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2015 with all good things to come!! 🙂 *Disclosure: These products were sent to us and we graciously accepted! This post reflects our honest opinion of the products. You can read more about our disclosure policy, if you are interested.      


  1. My cousins invented lil holster and they posted this link on facebook. I’m not sure what Girliemom is all about, but I sell amazing Younique 3D fiber lash mascara and other make up and skincare products.

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