Family Vacation

There is something about getting ready to go on vacation that makes me squirm. Isn’t vacation supposed to bring joy? I think it is all the planning and packing that us moms are faced with that causes my blood pressure to rise.  I have no clue where all the suitcases are. Well, maybe I have a small clue but I dread digging them out from the basement which is likely lurking with creepy crawlies.  This vacation will be tough because (a) it’s in the summer and kids go through a mountain of clothes (b) I dread not being anyplace close to a washing machine and dryer and (c) I can’t ever figure out what shoes to pack. I try SO HARD to not bring more than 3 pairs – yeah, it just never works out. I always seem to CRAM 2 extra pair in at the very last second JUST IN CASE I need them. better to have them then to not have them is how I rationalize things in my own brain.  Men have it SO easy. I swear my hubby can pack his stuff in 10 minutes flat. How does he do that? He chucks in a few T’s, some sneakers and walking shoes a few bathing suits, shorts and he’s done!  Us Mom’s on the other hand have to carefully and strategically plan out how much shampoo and hair product we will need. JEEZ, just writing this is causing me STRESS! LOL!   I contemplated buying the Joy Mangano hanging steam dryer because I never know what the heck to do with all the wet bathing suits.  For those of you that do not know who Joy Mangano is… she is an inventor and entrepreneur known for her huggable hangers!  

In addition to having to pack all the suitcases, we need to make sure the itinerary is set, boarding passes printed, house is clean prior to departure, and that the dog is off to wherever or whomever will take care of him…. So, now that we discussed this I am starting to think about all the things us moms do once we arrive home from the vacation.  I have one word to describe this: Exhaustion! 

Once we have a chance to sit down and look at all our photos and share them with family and friends thru Shutterfly  it makes it all worth it 🙂 

priceless memories




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