Fall trends we love

There is something quite joyful about the Fall.  Perhaps its the briskness in the air, the start of a new school year, or the thoughts of a holiday season upon us. Whatever the reason, the fall season marks a time when we put away our flip flops and reach for our favorite sweaters and jeans.

The fall trends for 2012 have us squealing with delight and we’re quite sure it’s because of the tough-girl-meets-glam attitude it conveys. Our top favorites for the fall has focus on leather, zippers and glitter galore!

zipper jeans 204x300 Fall trends we love

rihanna with ankle zippers

zip jeans 150x150 Fall trends we loveLeather and Zippers

This season designers are incorporating zippers into denim. Most noteworthy is on jeans where you can incorporate this trend ever-so-slightly with zippers at the ankle (check out Rihanna in this pair to the right!) or possibly the zipper spans the entire length of the jean (AWESOME!).   Whatever your preference, denim jeans with zippers range in price so shop around!

leather leggings 100x150 Fall trends we love

leather jeggings

Even though you are still wearing your bikinis, the fashion world has moved on to Fall and the trends have already been established. Expect to see leather just about everywhere mostly in skirts, dresses, jackets and even on leggings!

With an emhasis on zippers and leather now is the perfect time to showcase your bad-ass self 🙂


glitter belt Fall trends we love

The perfect glitter skinny belt by Ann Taylor.

Glitter me Gorgeous!

A perfect accessory that you can incorporate by day and night, glitter accessories are a great way to add some sparkle and fun to your wardrobe.  Glitter will be one of the hottest trends for Fall 2012. Even Ugg has been inspired by the trend which we think is great for kids!

For a more simple and sophisticated approach that you can incorporate to your corporate wardrobe we suggest a skinny glitter belt or a clutch bag.

glitter boots 150x150 Fall trends we love

glitter clutch 150x150 Fall trends we love

a glitter clutch in a bold color is sure to add some sizzle!


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