Debbie Meyer Green Bags & Containers

green containers 300x225 Debbie Meyer Green Bags & Containers

Not everyone praises the green containers. Though Girliemom prefers the containers over the bags as they are easier to wash.

I have recently purchased the Debbie Meyer Green Containers and I have found them to work well.  As I tend to buy most produce in bulk at Costco, I find it frustrating to have to throw food away.

It tends to be hit-or-miss in my house.  One week, my kids can go thru a pile of strawberries in 3 days. The next week we can’t get thru the whole container because they are suddenly sick of them.  I have tried to avoid buying in bulk altogether but then of course I run out too fast and I find myself in the grocery store 3x per week (very annoying).

My solution was to give these a try.

On Sundays, I try (really try!) to do lots of advance food preparation.  Hopefully, you read my post about how to prepare snacks in advance. With the Debbie Meyer Green Bags you will be able to also prep all your fruits and veggies for the week ahead and have them last until you are ready to use them.


How do they work?
Debbie Meyer Green Bags are a storage product advertised as capable of keeping produce fresh for up to 30 days. They are plastic bags that contain zeolite that absorbs ethylene gas.

Mixed Reviews, Indeed…
Many don’t like the product citing they are a waste of money, don’t work and are a pain to wash.  Here at Girliemom, we do prefer the containers to the bags as they are easier to wash, they do not work for all fruits and veggies but they work for many. Surely, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Pay Attention!
If you do purchase the bags, follow the instructions as they state:  “do not close the bags tight or tie them with anything.”

Good Luck!


* This was NOT a paid endorsement. Girliemom purchased the Debbie Meyer Green Containers with her own hard earned cash!  I do have a full time job you know! 🙂

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