A Book Review: Confessions of a City Girl Los Angeles by Juliette Sobanet

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Juliette Sobanet’s first novella in new Confessions series

A Book Review: Confessions of a City Girl Los Angeles by Juliette Sobanet

Confessions of a City Girl Los Angeles is Juliette Sobanet’s official release of the first novella in her new Confessions series. What a FABULOUS first novella in this new series and we absolutely loved it!

The infamous and famous actress Ava Taylor is Natasha’s mother. Ava is in a hospital bed and she is dying. She asks Natasha to open an envelope. This envelope is going to change everything. Ava is leaving Natasha a photography gallery which will make one final splash and one last statement to the world. To see never before released photo collection’s of America’s favorite actress Ava Taylor…gone bad.

With this opportunity left to Natasha by her late mother, Natasha hopes the sale could dig her and her husband out of financial ruin, give them one last shot at a baby, and save their crumbling marriage.

The gallery opening is Natasha’s biggest night of her career. Looks like Ethan, Natasha’s husband is not going to make yet another important event in her life.

Natasha finds herself talking to one of her mothers pictures in the gallery and her thoughts are interrupted by a voice. The voice of Nicholas Reyes. Nicholas Reyes photographer turned investor. As it turns out… Nicholas photographed Ava Taylor 10 yrs ago for the cover of Rolling Stones. Natasha is now remembering that very day, 10 yrs ago when she first laid eyes on Nicholas Reyes.

Nicholas makes Natasha an offer to buy the gallery…on one condition. That Natasha must join him for a weekend in Los Angeles, where he will give her the career opportunity of a lifetime and one unforgettable Hollywood night.

How harmless can one night be?

Natasha gets to LA and is escorted to the photo shoot where her day will begin. The music is left on so Natasha can work her magic and photograph the dancers. Photographing the dancers made her realize how much she really loved to dance and how much she misses it.

Nicholas has planned the rest of the evening with dinner, cocktails, and dancing. Something about the night and Nicholas feels so right to Natasha. She feels happier and alive, more then she has felt in years married to Ethan. During dinner Nicholas and Natasha open up about very personal events in there lives. They both revealed more than they planned over dinner. This one night arrangement has now jumped to a whole new level and the physical attraction is growing stronger.

We loved this book. This book is a fabulous love story. You

will fall in love with Natasha and Nicholas. Two people that were brought back together and meant to be together. We also loved Natasha’s girlfriends! We should all be so lucky to have such close friends to give us such good advice!! When you finish this book, you will be left with the feeling that love can always be found when your not looking for it.

Juliette Sobanet is a wonderful writer. This book is well written, moves fast and really HOT! A romance story that you can’t put down.

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At first I was not sure how we were going to feel that this book was not based in Paris but Juliette called it right when she said “we’re just going on a little exploration of some fun, spicy U.S. cities first…” This book will do just that. You wont be able to put it down.

About the Author:

Juliette Sobanet earned a B.A. from Georgetown University and an M.A. from New York University in France, living and studying in both Lyon and Paris. She worked as a French professor before turning a new page in her career, penning romantic women’s fiction with a French twist. I buy essays online almost every day and it works for me. Today she lives in San Diego, where she devotes her time to writing, eating chocolate, and dreaming about her next trip to France.


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