Advanced Preparation of Snacks

One of the biggest challenges I face day in and day out is getting out the door in the morning at the time I’m supposed to.  The days that seem to run smooth are always the days when I am most organized.  For the elementary school children we are asked to pack a lunch (if […]

Why having it all seems impossible

I’ve been stewing about this topic for weeks and weeks and only now do I feel the courage to write what I’m thinking.  Why does having it all seem so impossible?   Why is it so difficult to achieve a happy medium where balancing home and career isn’t so complicated and difficult.  I have many friends that […]

My Life is Interfering with my Blog

My life is interfering with my blog. Or possibly, I have this backwards? Yes, Girliemom is still alive. I think. Barely. Coasting thru life at the moment at a furiously fast pace. No clue where the days are going. New job. New boss to impress. High stress. Working long days and nights. Hubby doing the […]

Justifying the Work from Home Mom

Girliemom comment to a recent blog post I read: I agree with you for the most part but you have chosen to not discuss one of the fundamental reasons why many (woman) enjoy the flexibility to work from home.  It’s simple. I get to have a career AND put my kids on and off the […]

The not-so-glamorous truth to traveling on business

I have just returned from my business trip.  I have documented all the reasons why I found this trip incredibly enjoyable  (yes, sarcasm intended here): (1)   Poo to the First Class Champagne Sippers. Yes, we get that you are special.  But people like me don’t like people like you. You get to board the plane first, […]

Five things that ought to be outlawed on Sunday

There are five things that I can think of that should be outlawed on Sundays. All moms should receive a “free pass” from having to do these things on Sunday. Sunday is supposed to be day of rest while watching sports and eating good food. Here’s the list. If you can think of any others […]

Black Friday – One Moms Wake up Call

(revised 11/25/2014). On Black Friday 2010, I had a seizure.  I was only 40 years old at the time and lucky for me and my family I haven’t had one since.  After a mountain of tests the doctors told me what I already knew – it was due to exhaustion.  Gee, what a shocker!   No, not really.  […]