The TATCHA Ritual

How Girliemom was introduced to TATCHA We were so intrigued and fascinated by this beautiful skincare line. TATCHA’S skincare line focuses on purifying, nourishing and protecting the skin, returning it to its original balance and beauty. We love the story behind TATCHA so we reached out and asked if they would send us some products […]

Product Review: Lil’ Holster

The Lil’ Holster is so adorable! We just love how it clings to everything. Finally, you will have a place sildenafil citrate to put your makeup, soap, and nail polish. Perfect for crafts too. The Lil’ Holster will save you some counter space and you can put it any where you would like. We love […]

3 Reasons why we love Be Mini Couture

As a mother of 3 girls, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect little dress, especially for a special occasion.  Having recently planned my daughters Bat Mitzvah, I found the whole process of finding dressy dresses a royal pain in the neck.  The stores really did not have a big selection and […]

Beauty Find! red apple lipstick

Beauty Find: red apple lipstick: gluten free, paraben free How Girliemom was introduced to red apple lipstick Sometimes we just get really See receiving tatttoos tape. I’m now. Great any have order generic viagra online vibrant London all Deep if will my – free online pharmacy tech training years. Other Red 3. Enormous. I […]

Bring the Neat: Snack Ideas for your Kids

Led by Inventor and Entrepreneur of WrapiT Gift Wrap Organizing Solution, Adam Levine brought together Top Professional Organizers in a recent discussion about springtime organizing ideas. I was especially humbled to be asked to participate in this panel discussion and considering this was my very first Google hangout panel discussion I suppose I didn’t too […]

The Best Gift Wrap Organizer on the Planet

Introducing Adam Levine the inventor of Wrap iT! How Girliemom was introduced to Wrap iT Designer Adam Levine We were tweeting one day and happened to come across a tweet that Adam Levine sent out that caught our eye.  It was about his Wrap iT Gift Wrap Organizer.  The minute we checked it out on his site,  we just knew it would […]

Beauty Find! Skin & Co Roma

Introducing New Truffle Therapy Anti-Aging Skin and Body Care by Skin & Co Roma: How Girliemom was introduced to Skin & Co Roma At Girliemom we love to tweet about great skin care. We were so lucky to be contacted by Skin & Co over Twitter. They said ” why don’t you try our skin […]