Part II – Gearing up for Back to School

Some of you may have already started your journey back into the school year.  Others may have a few weeks of summer left to enjoy.  Here on Long Island, NY the children stalk the mailman anxiously awaiting word on teacher and classroom assignments.   Whatever your situation, we hope this post will encourage all that it is […]

Part 1 – Gearing up for Back to School

I know, it’s still July and it seems too soon to start thinking about back to school. Well, here is the good news. You still have one solid month to get organized. Here is the bad news: One month will go very fast! There are many things you can start to do NOW to get […]

Organize after school activities with wipe boards

Pin It It was when my youngest of 3 started to get involved in sports that I thought to myself  “this is crazy!”   I had no idea how I was going to get everyone to where they needed to be post school and following homework. It used to be the case the kids would all play the […]

Part 2: Simple ways to get organized

Simple ways to Get Organized Part 1 had focus on how to get your electronics and gadgets in order.  Part 2 has focus on family, self and helping others. 1. Plan out your days off and family vacations OK, truth must be told here – I seem to screw this up each and every year. […]

Part 1: Simple ways to get organized

Hello Friends, I wanted to provide you with a 2 part series to help you begin the process to get organized in the New Year.   Hope you enjoy and find useful! (1) Tackle email overload Now is the time to sort thru all your email and remove yourself from any unnecessary mailing lists.  The way you remove […]

Organize and Donate!

Organize and Donate I admit to being slightly overwhelmed by all the stuff that stampedes the home during the holidays. I do all that I can to get myself organized before the tidal wave of new toys and clothes hits the home. I’m not complaining. I’m crazy grateful to have this wonderful opportunity to provide for […]

Quick Tip: How to Organize your Bills

Do you sometimes feel like you need a personal assistant just to handle all your mail? I have a simple tip to help you get the bill situation organized in your home. You can head over to the nearest Target or Wal-Mart or even to your nearest office supply store and get yourself a few boxes.  I recommend […]