How To Avoid Clashes in Hells Kitchen

This is a featured guest post by Author, Paul Balzano Check out other articles Paul has written here: Are you and your partner totally compatible in the kitchen, agree on everything the other does, and work together like a well-oiled machine? Or, do you find there are things they do that get under your […]

Suckered into the Shoes

I only wanted a new pair of black pants for work. I walked out of the store with 4 tops and some new shoes.  Shoes I didn’t really need.  However, they are super cute.  I later rationalized the purchase as my new spring work shoes and I really needed them! You see, this store that […]

The Mystery of the Lost Socks

It is to the delight of mothers across the world the feeling we share when we have completed our laundry and all socks remain joyfully with their companion.  We also share the painful woes of how it feels to be left with a basket of socks that are missing their soulmate.  SIGH. OK, so I […]

Attacked by the Peanut Butter Toast

Only a mom can appreciate this: Yesterday, in my quest to get one of my daughters to eat her breakfast I allowed her to take her food ‘to-go’ in the car, something I rarely do but we were short on time on this morning. I am forever reminding my girls about the importance to eat […]

Are You Okay?

When people ask the question “Are you okay?” nine times out of ten they don’t want to hear anything other than the stock “I’m fine” answer. To answer any other way, would open the door for actual conversation.  Who the hell wants that?  It makes me wonder why people ask the question in the first place.   I believe it’s […]

I’m Not Mean, I’m your Mother!

The first time one of my girls called me ‘mean’ I almost cried.  Almost.  Funny how I’m only mean when they don’t get their way. I asked a few friends if their kids called them the ‘M’ word. I was pleasantly pleased to learn that I’m clearly not alone in this regard. Not by a […]

Where do I buy a Bubble?

I’m waiting for the gang over at “Cool Mom Picks” to tell me where I can go buy a bubble to put my kid in. You see one of my children had her first taste of freedom and I am guessing she liked it because of her most recent request which caught me off guard.  […]

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