3 Tips for Maintaining a Secure WordPress Website

February 2014 Featured Blogger: Lisa Rodriguez of Next Level Consulting 3 Tips for Maintaining a Secure WordPress Website, by Lisa Rodriguez If you are managing an online business or blog, chances are you are running it on WordPress.  WordPress has evolved into the CMS of choice, when it comes to setting up a simple blog […]

How to Create a Blog in 15 Minutes

How to create a blog in under 15 minutes is the first in our series on how to start blogging 1.  Choose your Hosting Service While there are many hosting services out there, Girliemom highly recommends Hostgator. HostGator is a world-leading provider of web hosting services. They offer many different packages for both beginners and […]

How to upload a YouTube video to Pinterest

For the past week, I have been learning so much about how to work with videos. For the novice blogger, this can be a whirlwind of new information so I have decided to dedicate a few blog posts to this subject. How to post a YouTube Video to Pinterest: 1.  From YouTube – click on […]

The White Walls of Blogging

The year was 2001 and I remember the day I moved into my new home and stared at all the white walls and I wondered what the hell I was going to do with it all.  So many colors to choose, what if I screw up and the house comes out like a circus! My […]

WordPress: Modify your User Name for Increased Security

Do you currently log into your WordPress website or blog as “admin”? Unless you specify otherwise, the default WordPress Administrator account username will be: admin. This very simple fix will enable you to modify your WordPress User Name from ‘admin’ to something more unique, without touching any code, leaving you far less vulnerable to hackers! […]

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