Bye Bye to the Minivan!

I don’t miss my minivan AT ALL. Sure, it was dependable and practical but there was no FUN whatsover in driving that vehicle. I can thank my SISTER for the four years of fun driving that thing. I am quite sure it was SHE that convinced me to get the darn thing. I have moved back into a small SUV. I feel like I’m driving a luxury mercedes (and I promise you it is anything but). Of course, it has 3 rows !  This was a must-have requirement. There were few vehicles on the market that offered the third row while still maintaining some useful SPACE behind the 3rd row!  Where else would I put all the sports gear!  My other half thought this third row was not necessary. Now, are there any moms out there that have 3 kids or more that DISAGREE with me???? I think not! Why in the world would I want my 3 GIRLS to sit right next to each other?  I prefer to not watch them clobber, pinch and poke each other.  I think the odds of having an accident increase exponentially if I am using the fancy ‘spy-mirror’ this vehicle comes equipped with!  Yes, it is definitely a hassle to get the 3rd child into the 3rd row, however, if it means i will spare some blood and tears I will deal with it. My only concern now is that unlike the minivan that had sliding doors we have doors that flip open.  This could pose a concern for the car sitting next to me in the parking lot.  I have warned the girls as follows: “under no circumstance, can you open the car door for the next six months!”  I figure by then, they will understand WHY as I explain WHY every single time I enter a parking lot. I have a tendency to repeat myself. I’m sure my other half would tell you how annoying this is. He is right, I think I annoy myself xoxo

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