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Brand Promotions with Girliemom is dedicated to helping Brands generate significant social media buzz throughout the mom blog community.  Whether you are a new brand first coming to market or an already existing brand looking to launch a specific campaign, we can help.

-Girliemom has reach in the largest community of online retailers in the world – mothers
With Girliemom as your advocate, we will put your brand in front of countless new faces

Girliemom is pleased to offer you a customized solution to address your specific business requirements.   However, we often have requests to run a brand promotion quickly and with little notice!  That being said, we have created some packaged offerings that will allow us to both get moving with speed!  Here is a look at some of our offerings. Please contact us for pricing information!

Packaged Offerings

  1. Basic Product Review 
    Girliemom will only look at products that make sense for their readers.  If you send us your product to sample it is ours to keep.  The product review will reside on the website and we will own full rights to the article.
  2. Basic Product Review + Social Rotation
    Includes the Basic Product Review but also includes social rotation on our social media platforms. Those platforms include:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.   Price will be predicated on the length of time of the campaign
  3. Holiday or Seasonal Product Review
    Girliemom recognizes that the holidays are a great time of year to promote your brand. We have special pricing and options that will allow you to move quickly and get your brand noticed during this very busy time of year!
  4. Social Media Specific Brand Promotion
    If you are only interested in having us promote your brand on a specific platform, say Twitter or Instagram, we can do that!  We are happy to cater to your specific platform of choice. If you are unsure what makes sense for your brand, we can guide you through that as well.
  5. The Social Blast  
    If you want the full kit and caboodle we are happy to accommodate.  We will write a product review and we will rotate it on all our social platforms. 
    To ensure maximum exposure to our community of readers we will re-circulate at a much higher frequency to all our platforms and for the length of time we all agree is necessary.

If you are only interested in advertising on our header or sidebar, please read this for more information.

Want to check our references, no problem.  Just review our References page.

Still hesitating? See the brands we’ve had the pleasure to work with!