Where do I buy a Bubble?

I’m waiting for the gang over at “Cool Mom Picks” to tell me where I can go buy a bubble to put my kid in.

You see one of my children had her first taste of freedom and I am guessing she liked it because of her most recent request which caught me off guard.  She wants to go see a movie with her BFF. The two of them…. ALONE!!  That’s right. Alone, as in no parents, clearly a drop-us-off-because-we-don’t-want-to-be-seen-with-you request. Ugh. The dreaded day has come.  (SIGH)

The taste of freedom was so kindly provided by our local YMCA who launched a tween program for kids 9-13. It sounded like a good idea at the time. This was a Friday night full of fun sans no parents. Hell, I thought it sounded fun but I was not allowed to sign up! This tween program offered a rock climbing wall, swimming, sports, pizza and a tween lounge.  However, the tween program came stocked with chaperones.

Well, this movie question sparked a debate amongst the honey and myself. He think it’s OK. I told him he’s off his rocker. He told me he told her it was ok. I told him he was going to tell her he changed his mind or this was grounds for divorce (nah, I didn’t really say that last part – it was just fun to write) LOL.  Seriously, is he trying to give me another seizure or something?

This begs the question… at what age can we allow our children to flee the nest? Does it depend on each individual child and their level or maturity? What age is the “right” age?  Or can we just pray that those bloggers over at Cool Mom Picks will find us that bubble after all. Ladies, please hurry up because I am clearly running out of time!

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