Missing you something awful…

Updated June 10, 2012 – on the four year anniversary of my Grandpa’ passing – there is no reason to post anything new – instead I will bring back an archived post in remembrance of the kindest soul on the planet.  I miss you something awful Grandpa!   Grandpa Bernie had MDS. If you would like to learn more about it there is a link below.


grandpa1 Missing you something awful...

Great Grandpa Bernie with Summer. He loved to feed her grapes and she loved to receive them…

For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about you today, Grandpa.  It might be because I was talking about you to the girls last night. We were talking about a long time ago, back to my college days,  and I was telling them about the goodie baskets you used to mail me.  They were smiling ear-to-ear when I told them all about how you would send me the very best college girl essentials: boxes of mac-n-cheese, packs of gum,  mallomar cookies, ramen noodles, candy bars!

You had a very good life. You worked for over 50 years on The Today Show. You were featured in a book!  You were loved by so many! You met hundreds of famous people!  You traveled the world! You provided for your family! You ensured we always had the best of everything. We practically lived at your house. You took us on vacations, you got us our first bicycles, you proudly showed us off to as many people as you could.  You always made me feel very special.

Do you remember when I was working in NYC and we would meet for lunch at Rockefeller Center? How I miss those moments!

Now, I am 41 and it’s been a few years since I’ve seen you. I miss you something awful. I miss our phone conversations. I miss seeing you sit in your favorite chair in the sunroom in New Jersey. I miss the sound of you humming.  I feel your presence every single day.  Some days more than others.

We lost you to a terrible blood disease called Myelodysplastic Syndrome, otherwise known as MDS. A very cruel blood disease that you did not deserve. I’m so sorry that I could not help you. We all tried the very best we could. We found you the best doctors but there was little they could do. You did not deserve to suffer at the end as you did with all those blood and platelet transfusions.

I promise we are all taking good care of Nana. She misses you so much and she talks about you all the time. She still can’t believe you are gone. When she talks about you she just shakes her head, still in disbelief.   The family is not the same without you.

However, how can I say that I am not blessed?  You saw me graduate from college. You witnessed me get married, you welcomed my three children into the world. You got to know them and they got to know you.  They remember you. They love you. They miss you.  We talk about you all the timeI have your photo on my nightstand so I can look at you every single day.

Missing you so much,



  1. terrific comments on grandpa. love you

  2. Stopping by from MBS, this post is soooo lovely…I can even feel as if I missed your grandpa too…(is it too weird??)..After this I am going to grab your button and put it in my button collection page and will follow you on twitter and GFC…I have tried to put GFC on my page but it never worked…would you mind tell me what plugin you use? Anyway, would love if you could visit me back and follow back too 🙂

  3. Uncle Gary says:

    Just a beautiful article about Grandpa. Nana just loved it and so did I. Love you much.

  4. Cousin Lori says:

    Melissa, that’s a lovely article !… Aunt Shirley, Tom and I miss him too !… Keep writing… You’ve really come a long way with your blog… I’m VERY proud of my talented cousin !…

  5. With tears in my eyes, I wanted to say that your post really touched me. Lucky you. Lucky him. 🙂


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