Beauty & Style Report – WEN by Chaz Dean

Girliemom – September 2011 – Top 3 Favorite Beauty Products

These products are some of my all-time favorites !!!

(1) WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean  –

wen 150x150 Beauty & Style Report   WEN by Chaz DeanIf you want to see a total transformation of your hair, you have to try WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean. A big shout-out to my SISTER for turning me on to this product (luv ya Stephie).  I typically buy his line thru QVC but I included a link to his site so you can read more about it. If you are used to your hair lathering up when you wash then this may take some getting used to. It does not lather (not much anyhow) but the results are incredible. The shampoo and conditioner are included in this one-step wonder that I highly recommend.     There are different formulations depending on your hair type. My personal favorite is FIG (great for thick curly hair) and LAVENDER (which is great for all hair types).  Feel free to mix them up and combine! FUN FUN FUN!

(2) Laura Mercier – Secret Camouflage

secret camouflage 150x150 Beauty & Style Report   WEN by Chaz DeanSwear to God, I’ve been using this concealer since 1999. 1999 is when I first discovered Laura Mercier makeup. I remember the moment – I was in NYC having a makeup trial at a ritzy fritzy department store in preparation for my upcoming wedding in 2000. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage allows for spot treatment on only those areas you want to conceal. There are two color shades that you can blend with your fingertips. I generally use some under my eyes and around my nose which is where I have red spots and any problem areas that might pop up on any given day. It lasts for hours too. Secret Camouflage is fabulous because it removes the need for a full face concealer.

(3) Philosophy – Divine Illumination – Blushing Bronzer

philosophy divine illumination bronzing blusher1 150x150 Beauty & Style Report   WEN by Chaz DeanI am a big fan of anything that will save me time. I am also a huge lover of anything by Philosophy. Their Blushing Bronzer is one of those products that will save you time. I discovered this beauty at last years QVC Beauty Show (what fun that was!) Tell me, is there a woman out there that does not wear bronzer?  I suppose some of you may exist – but those of us with ivory pale skin – well, we live for the stuff (at least I do).  As far as I’m concerned, this is one product that I don’t leave home without.  This lovely compact has ‘swirls’ of bronzer and blush all in one. You can dip your brush into both or you can selectively dip into only one. The product colors are gorgeous! The color goes a long way so it’s worth the investment –  Definitely worth checking out.

Girliemom has not been paid to advertise these products in any way shape or form. My review of these products  is solely my opinion only based on personal preference.You may or may not have a similar experience.


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