Beauty No-No’s

Some habits are hard to break and we understand.  However, there comes a time when you need to push yourself to make a few changes to your beauty routine. Here is our Top 5 list of beauty “no-no’s” you need to stop doing immediately:

heavy lipliner 150x112 Beauty No Nos

this is too dark! find a color that matches your lipcolor instead

(1) Heavy Handed Lipliner
Okay, there used to be a day when we applied lip liner in a slightly darker shade than our lip color.   Todays focus is all about accentuating the natural you and lipliner looks fake. Unless you want to look like you still live in the year 2008, please stop.  If you are concerned about your lip color bleeding then we suggest you use a natural nude color or one that matches your lipcolor.

too long nails 150x144 Beauty No Nos

cut those nails! think of all the money you will save on nailpolish!

(2) Way Too Long Nails
So how does one text with those things?  If attention is what you are after then we would suggest you try some of the fabulous new neon colors instead!  Groom those nails and keep them no longer than one inch above the natural tip of your finger.

(3) Foundation that stops at your Jaw Line
Girliemom was never a fan of foundation as we believe there are so many other alternatives but for some we know you love your tried and true. Please, pretty please just don’t forget about your neck!   When the line stops at your jawline we notice and well… it does not look pretty.

(4) Eyebrows that look too thick and dark
We realize that you may have had a heavy hand with the tweezer but when applying the brow pencil be sure to apply with a light touch and make sure that you use a color that is natural (or ever so slightly darker) than your  natural color.   Do not underestimate the importance of the eyebrow! If manicured properly it can brighten your whole face.   On the flip side, too heavy eyebrows can make you look dated.  Our favorite eyebrow pencil is this one.

black eyeliner Beauty No Nos

a lighter color will soften up the look

(5) Too much Black Eyeliner
If you have a love for black eyeliner that you find it impossible to do without then we suggest you limit the black to the top lid and go for a cool bright color to rim the bottom or insides.   If the smokey eye is what you after you can do this with colors other than black, we suggest you try with a gray or navy color instead.  Also, we recommend you avoid black for the office and suggest you try a brown or more natural color.

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