Beauty Finds! The Body Shop and Kiehls

Girliemom – November 2011 – Top 3 Favorite Beauty Products

body shop vitamin c1 150x150 Beauty Finds! The Body Shop and Kiehls
(1) The Body  Shop – Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules 

Sometimes you fall in love in the oddest of circumstances.
I fell in love once at a Body Shop At-Home Party. It was love at first sight.
These gorgeous colored orange capsules are filled with an Antioxidant Vitamin C that will improve your skin’s appearance and enhance your natural glow.  At first I thought, how in the world will there be enough product in this tiny little capsule to cover my whole face! You’d be surprised how much coverage you get from a small amount of product.
A little bit goes a long way. The Body Shop Vitamin C Capsules leave your skin so soft and silky. No need to use it every day. I use my Vitamin C about 2 to 3 times per week and I love the results. You will be sending me thank you notes for this one!!!


BE mascara3 195x300 Beauty Finds! The Body Shop and Kiehls(2) Bare Escentuals – Flawless Definition Mascara

I don’t know any gal that doesn’t want a great mascara.
A great mascara can take you from blah to BLING in no time and with little effort.   For me, mascara is an absolute beauty necessity. However, you should know that I was never one to go any further than my local drug store to buy mascara.  Quite honestly, $5 bucks was about all I was willing to spend.  This product will cause you to spend more than $5 but it is worth the extra few bucks.I can’t quite figure out what I love so much about this product. Is it the wand? the color? It just works GREAT. It makes your lashes long and never clumpy. It lasts all day!  As usual, Bare Escentuals delivered another great product. You can read more here, 

(3) Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with AvacadoKiehls 150x150 Beauty Finds! The Body Shop and Kiehls

This is a relatively  new find for me, but I have to say – since I found it I have not stopped using it. As odd as it may sound I look forward to applying it.   I apply the Kiehl’s eye cream immediately following application of my night cream. It is meant for under your eye in that delicate zone and because of that it was formulated to never run into your eyes. It stays put!  This wonderful product contains vitamin a, avocado oil & fatty acids which hydrate the skin leaving it feeling very moist.   This tiny jar will last a long time too since you don’t need a ton of product to feel an impact.  You can learn more about Kiehl’s by clicking here.


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